10 Hair Growth Tips How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer Hair Salon in Sunny Isles Miami

10 Hair Growth Tips How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer Hair Salon in Sunny Isles Miami
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    Hello Hello my name is Dianna Adel and in this video you will discover 10 best
    tips on how to grow your hair longer and healthier make sure you watch this video
    until the end because you do not want to miss any details before we get started
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    today I will be doing a hair treatment because my hair is breaking a little
    bit and I really want to make it stronger and softer I'm going to be
    doing this treatment at J. Beauty Bar and we are going to ask Julia to give us some great tips
    on how to grow your hair faster longer and healthier now I will share my 10
    best tips for growing healthy and longer hair number one is nutrition from my
    experience and from a lot of girls that we welcome in our Salon I found out that
    Hair is growing slower when it lacks protein but protein we don't produce
    from the air we synthesize it from the food that we eat I would recommend for
    you to concentrate on Salmon and nuts green vegetables and a lot of other oils
    and Omega 3 that are really really healthy for our hair So what kind of
    oils would you recommend for us eating I would recommend different types of oils
    mostly natural such as olive oil coconut oil or my best oil is linseed oil you
    can take one teaspoon every day and you'll be perfect why the oils are so
    important because lack of oil in our body leads to dry scalp and when the
    scalp is dry we have irritations itching and every types of things that
    we don't need when you eat healthy food full of oils and acids and omegas and every type of
    vitamins you get perfect scalp and your scalp will not be dry and your hair will
    not be drained tip number two is vitamins
    vitamins are very super important for your hair and for your body of course
    Why they're so important because they help our hair to grow not only our hair but
    nails and everything without vitamins our body feels drained. What kind of
    vitamins would you recommend for us taking? yeah I tried them almost all. I would
    recommend three of them the first one is Pantovigar
    it contains every vitamin you need your body needs and you should try it definitely
    The second one is Mineral Solutions the same idea it has every mineral and every vitamin
    Your body needs especially Hair and Nails Pantovigar and Mineral Solutions
    you have to take twice a year in autumn and spring for a duration of
    approximately 30 days. Third vitamin is Reval IT Reval IT is often prescribed for
    hair loss so if you have problems or other things that you want to improve in your
    hair or hair grow you can take this also but you have to be very cautious because
    you have to take them for two months Reval IT has very good ingredients so it
    has wheatgerm extract, medical east, zink, cooper and iron everything your
    body needs to grow healthy and long hair tip number 3. Deep hydration and
    reconstruction treatments in the salon why are they so important and why are they
    different from the treatments that you can do at your own house
    Salon treatments penetrate your hair much deeper and reconstruct your hair on
    the deepest level that's all your hair needs and wants my personal favorite
    treatment is happiness for hair from in Japanese trademark level so this
    treatment has a acumulative effect and it's better to do this five times after
    five sessions your hair becomes much stronger and more obedient and that's why
    they are gonna grow much longer also I would recommend the ampule for hair growth
    You can do it in the salone or at home but I would recommend definitely do it
    with a specialist tip number 4 is to use thermal protection and sun protection
    this is two protections that your hair needs from the Sun and from hot temperatures
    why is it so important because of the coloring hot styling and blow drying our
    hair is thinner and more damaged so I would recommend to avoid blow drying and
    hot irons and different type of irons the damages our hair but if it's not
    possible you can use thermal protection when our hair is thin
    the tips break off and that's why you cannot grow longer and healthier hair that's
    why sun protection and thermal protection is the best 2 protections that you need
    in your life. Tip number 5 is my personal favorite tip this is scrub for
    your scalp this is very important step when you want your hair to grow longer
    and healthier why is it so important because of the dirt oils and other
    different styling mousses and sprays which we always use on our hair our
    scalp is dirty when you see it under microscope you will see but of course
    you cannot do this at home so just trust me you can and you have to remove all
    this dirt by scrubbing your scalp regularly I would recommend one time a
    week you can use different types of scrubs but I would recommend salt
    scrub. Scrub also promotes blood circulation in your body and this is the
    key to healthier and longer hair. So how can we actually make this salt scrub? yeah
    you can take sea salt and after shampooing just massage your scalp with
    sea salt you can do it two times in the same wash. Tip number 6 is
    Hydration this is my personal favorite tip and
    it's very very important if you want your hair to grow longer and healthier so what you can do
    at home before washing your hair you can put coconut oil avocado oil or almond
    oil on your hair even on the scalp and the length also what I also recommend is
    to try olive extra virgin oil does the same thing
    and costs much less but be
    careful you have to take only extra virgin olive oil
    only this oil has all the nutritious and all this good stuff that we need.
    Also what you can do at home but be carefuller these tips are really extreme so
    the first tip is mustard powder mask. to stimulate blood flow help your hair grow
    longer you can do it one time per month at home. So basically what you have to do
    To a tablespoon of mustard you can add a little bit warm water and a teaspoon of
    sugar so shack this and put it on your scalp and hold for 30 minutes or less if you
    cannot stand burning or some other things that are not so nice but effect
    from this mask you will see. This also stimulates blood circulation and also
    helps our hair grow longer and healthier. Number 7 Home care products that you use
    on the daily basis. Every person has different types of hair and scalp and
    everything so you have to take care of your scalp and your hair. It's good
    if you know what your type of hair is but if you don't you can ask your
    stylist or hairdresser. You have to take home products that
    are good for your scalp and for your hair so is it curly is it straight is
    it oily. You have to know your tipe and you have to use products that are
    specifically made for your hair type. Now we also recommend to using a shampoo and
    conditioner of one line together they definitely work better. Also my personal
    tip is to use your shampoos and your conditioners without
    silicons and sulfates. They don't do good for your hair and they only can
    damage your hair I'm talking about long perspective so you should definitely try
    and find your shampoo and conditioner without
    any chemicals basically organic without any damaging stuff. Tip number 8t cut
    your hair regularly a lot of hairstylist saying that you have to cut your hair
    every month but I would personally recommend try cutting every three months
    you can cut just a tiny bit but it's better to freshen up the ends. Tip number
    9 is to bush your hair and do a scalp massage
    Take a good professional brush. And try not to brush your hair when it's wet.
    When your hair is wet it's more susceptible to damaging and to break by combing or brushing you
    cannot do this when it's wet my personal advice is to first blow-dry your hair
    and then comb it. Also there are some brushes that are specifically designed
    for combing wet hair so with this brushes of course go ahead and brush
    your hair wet. But with other brushes just please don't do this it's really is
    damaging for the hair. Scalp massage definitely helps to stimulate blood flow
    and I think as you can say from our tips this is the main thing that you have to
    do when you want your hair to grow longer healthier and of course beautiful
    So the last tip from me is to relax! A lot of girls want dye their hair pink, go blonde go
    this and that. To do this and that but stop relax just don't do this all the
    time. You have to give your hair rest of course if you cannot be dark or you want
    to go blonde you can do this but you have to do this with a professional care
    and with a hairstylist. Please avoid doing crazy haircuts and crazy
    coloring at home. This is the most damaging procedure that you can ever do
    to your hair and this will damage your hair really really bad. Basically what I
    would suggest just relax and if you want to dye a little bit your hair just go
    from a little bit a little bit try if you like it you can always return and do
    more. If you want your hair to be healthy and long please
    avoid this crazy hair coloring they're super damaging of course you can do this
    but with a hairstylist and not so crazy and extreme. So relax be patient and your
    hair will appreciate and will grow longer and healthier. Guys I invite you
    all to J. Beauty Bar to try all the services that we do. Don't hesitate to
    give me a call our phone number is 305 - 949-9591 we
    are located at Sunny Isles Beach Florida and let's make your hair gorgeous and Beautiful Together.
    after the happy hair treatment I feel like my hair is much softer I feel like
    it has more life in it and overall I am really happy with the results so if
    you're thinking about changing your hair color or you need some good treatment
    for your hair or maybe you're thinking about changing your look and doing a
    haircut do not hesitate to contact J. Beauty Bar because those guys are
    amazing and they will definitely be able to help you
    Guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate your time don't
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    YouTube channel and don't forget stay happy stay positive my name is Dianna Adel
    and I will see you really
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