3 READING HACKS - How To (ACTUALLY) Remember What You Read

3 READING HACKS - How To (ACTUALLY) Remember What You Read
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    Have you ever cracked open a book and within an hour realized you barely
    remember what you just read this phenomenon seems to be especially
    prominent when reading material is less exciting like textbooks or academic
    journals the circumstance can be very frustrating but luckily in this video I
    will share the three components of memorization you must employ if you want
    to dramatically improve how much information you retain when reading
    before you can start remembering more effectively you should understand how
    memory works memory is built on three components impression association and
    repetition any one of these components can be enough to memorize what you read
    however weaving the three components together is the most secure way to
    remember anything once and for all let me illustrate each component impression
    when you are very impressed by something an idea a picture a sound a face a text
    or even a situation the probability that you will remember it is much higher for
    example if you are watching LeBron James play basketball and make an incredible
    dunk you may remember the whole event very accurately same with your book if
    you are very impressed by something the main character did or are very intrigued
    by concept in your textbook the chance you will remember this aspect becomes
    higher the good thing is that you can increase the strength of this impression
    yourself while reading to do this you can pause while reading and picture the
    situation in your mind exaggerating some features in order to enhance the
    impression of your mental image for instance if you are reading a book about
    a character riding horseback through the forest you can picture in your mind the
    scenery like the trees animals as well as the nature sounds that will be
    present in that environment by forming mental depictions you will strengthen
    your connection with the content allowing you to leave a lasting
    impression in your mind the second component of memorization is a
    if you can link something you read to anything you already know the
    probability of remembering it becomes even stronger sometimes incredibly
    strong for example if you are trying to memorize the year Barack Obama came into
    office which happened to be the same year you graduated high school then you
    would find it very easy to remember this because you linked the info you are
    trying to remember to something you already know for sure and will not
    forget by using this technique you are basically anchoring this new information
    to your existing knowledge which you can leverage in case you begin to forget
    what you just learned the third and final component of memorization is
    repetition if you read a book 10 times you'll remember more than if you'd only
    read it once this concept applies to just about everything like a route
    between two locations the lyrics of a song phone numbers etc the more you
    repeat the more you remember when reading a book if you do not want to
    read it several times you can highlight a few parts that you want to remember
    and reread only those parts several times you will remember these segments
    much better and you will see that they will also help you remember the rest of
    the book in conclusion retaining information you read can be challenging
    but luckily by understanding the basis of memorization you can be sure to make
    your reading worthwhile so remember if you want to memorize texts much more
    effectively you must impress yourself with powerful mental images make
    associations with what you already know and repeat this exercise several times
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