A Way To Support Deaf Awareness And Accessibility - The Smile And Nod Project

A Way To Support Deaf Awareness And Accessibility - The Smile And Nod Project
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    (pen scratching)
    (victorious tones)
    Hello, as you can see,
    we are going for extremely casual today.
    I feel like I am channeling
    my inner Lilly Singh right now, basically.
    But yeah, today's just a very casual Monday.
    And I'm wearing this hat for a reason.
    I know you don't see me wear hats very often,
    but I'm wearing this particular one for a reason.
    So if you've been following me for long enough,
    you may recall a woman named Crystal,
    who had her own guest video here about,
    oh, I don't know, about maybe two years ago.
    And she was talking about giving my viewers
    or anybody who really needed one, a free caption phone.
    She's been an advocate for hard of hearing, deaf people
    for quite some time now.
    And she's doing something again.
    But she did email a couple of months ago,
    asking if she would send me something
    from her current project,
    and I would do a review on it.
    And I'm only late by a few months,
    and that's nobody's fault but my own.
    I did do an unboxing video of this particular item,
    but I never did the full separate video.
    That apparently slipped my mind.
    And again, nobody's fault but my own, but here we are.
    So the thing I'm going to be doing a little review on
    is this hat.
    What was that English?
    So the little review I'm going to be doing
    is on this hat, and it is from the project
    called The Smile and Nod Project.
    I don't even know if you're gonna be able to,
    does it focus a little?
    Do you focus?
    I think you do.
    You may be familiar with this little deaf trick
    called bluffing, which I did a video all about
    if you're not really familiar.
    But it's something that I like to consider
    a deaf superpower of sorts.
    When somebody, mostly somebody really that you don't know,
    actually, no, wait.
    This just goes for everybody.
    When somebody is just talking to you
    and you don't really understand what they're saying,
    but you probably already asked them to repeat themselves
    two or three times, and you just,
    you see they're getting frustrated,
    and you're kind of getting a little bit frustrated too,
    because it's just, it's not a fun time
    to continuously ask someone to repeat themselves.
    So you just kind of bluff your way out of it.
    Sometimes this happens at the very beginning,
    and sometimes you wait a little bit.
    And at the end of the day, you hope
    that they didn't ask you a very serious question
    or that they didn't tell you that their dog just died.
    So you just kind of smile and nod at them.
    Sometimes, you laugh if it looks like they're laughing,
    and you just try to go along with it.
    And that's kind of what The Smile and Nod Project is.
    That's what I think about
    when I see the phrase, smile and nod.
    Now, let me read.
    You know what?
    Go back on my head.
    I look funny in hats.
    I already know this.
    I already know I look funny in hats,
    but we're gonna go with it.
    So let me read what the mission is
    directly from the website,
    because I think that's going to be the best thing to do.
    I won't read off everything, just bits and pieces.
    And I will have their website down below.
    And it says that their goal is
    "to establish a non-discriminatory community
    between the hearing, deaf,
    and those who fall between a wide spectrum of hearing loss,
    to generate an inclusive, compassionate,
    and synergetic existence among all peoples,
    to not only create, but promote awareness
    through funding projects and community events
    that assist in expanding the minds of communities
    all over the world, or all over the country,
    and one day, perhaps, the world."
    And then there's other little bits
    and pieces of information, but one thing
    that is cool about, you know, when you order a hat,
    "50% of the proceeds that are purchased
    will go towards spreading awareness
    as well as our mission.
    Listen up, because this involves you."
    So, you know, listen up.
    It involves me too, so we're gonna listen.
    "We will be seeking out qualified candidates
    and organizations to empower financially
    as it relates to improving understanding
    and in functioning in everyday environments
    for better communication.
    This could be anything from funding sign language to,
    or this could be anything from funding sign language
    or speech classes for an individual or family member
    to funding an individual in need of hearing aids
    or cochlear implants."
    So this project has all
    the different communication methods covered,
    'cause not all deaf people communicate in the same way.
    And yeah, it's kind of cool.
    So that's a little bit of information
    about the company itself.
    And again, I will post the link down below,
    because there's way more information to be told.
    So to the review itself,
    I feel like there's not too much really
    that you can say about a hat,
    because hats are very simple things.
    So to begin with, so there are two colors.
    There's the-
    I think this is called charcoal.
    It's the gray-ish, like, light denim color.
    And then they have an olive color.
    So if you're more of a green type of person,
    you can get that one.
    It is in a snapback form, so if that's something
    that you don't really care for,
    I've had my phases of liking the snapbacks.
    And I have a couple of those already.
    I feel like they make my head
    look a little bit funny, to be honest.
    Even if I just, actually it,
    no, I still look funny.
    It's okay, though.
    But if you're someone who prefers more of the dad hats,
    they don't have those in stock yet.
    That's just an idea.
    I think that would be very beneficial.
    But for right now, it's just the snapback type of deal.
    I mean, I like the color, I like the fit.
    You do get the little, I don't know what you call this.
    But, you know, you get to, my nails.
    You get to take it off or open it,
    and then adjust it to your liking or to your head's liking.
    The only complaint that I have about this,
    and it's not Crystal's fault or the company's fault,
    it's my fault for not checking it before I said yes,
    this, the little logo, is actual genuine leather.
    And if you don't know already, I don't do leather.
    I don't do leather clothing, bags, any of that.
    So that was a mistake on my part.
    So I'm not going to judge.
    If you use leather products yourself,
    I'm not gonna judge you if you do.
    I'm just saying that if you don't,
    keep that in mind before purchasing this.
    However, I have learned that since I received this,
    they have T-shirts.
    So if you want a T-shirt, I would go get one.
    And I kind of want a T-shirt now,
    because I would likely wear a T-shirt
    more than I would this hat, because,
    with that said, I'm not gonna get rid of this or anything.
    I mean, I feel like that's unnecessary.
    But again, if you are vegan, cruelty-free, whatever,
    you just don't like the idea of actual leather,
    just keep that in mind.
    Overall, I think that this is a cool idea
    to have- half of the, get on my head.
    Half of proceeds go to a very good mission.
    You know, I'm a fan of anything that promotes
    not being a jackass to deaf
    and hard-of-hearing people, really.
    If this is something you're interested in,
    we'll have the link, and then you can go get yourself one.
    So let me know if you are a hat fan,
    do you like the snapback ones?
    Or do you prefer more of the dad caps,
    whatever they're called?
    You know, the ones that actually kind of fold a little bit.
    Like a C curve on the nail almost.
    Let me know which one you prefer.
    And before you go, if you haven't already
    considered being a pledge on Patreon,
    depending on the monthly tier that you pledge to,
    there are perks.
    And if Patreon isn't something that you're into,
    it's a little too much of a commitment,
    I do have a Ko-Fi link, which I will also link down below
    in the info box and in the pinned comment.
    And I will see you later, bye!
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