Content Distribution Strategy (How To Use Your Website To Drive Growth)

Content Distribution Strategy (How To Use Your Website To Drive Growth)
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    - Today I wanna talk about how to utilize your website
    to get the most distribution from your content.
    I'm Scott Oldford, and I wanna make sure that
    you're utilizing your website
    in the most effective way posslble.
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    Now first off, I want you to realize that
    a website is not the most important part of your business.
    Almost every business I've had
    in the past three or four years,
    I've done over a million dollars in revenue
    before we've actually had a real website.
    Quite honestly,
    I believe that should be for more businesses.
    But once you actually start creating a real business,
    and you start actually having a website,
    and you start utilizing content,
    and you start utilizing things like email,
    and things like YouTube and Facebook,
    and personal pages and groups,
    I wanna share with you a very, very simple methodology
    on how to utilize your website to get the most out of
    the content that you're developing.
    So your website really wants to, of course,
    revolve around a simplistic structure,
    but your content is the most important part of that website.
    It allows for people to find you on Google,
    allows for people, when they actually search for you,
    to be able to find this content in an evergreen fashion.
    So every single time that you have content,
    if you have a video, your blog, your website should have
    the video, as well as the actual version of the video
    in content format.
    Now I'm not talking about the transcript,
    I'm taking about 600 words of what that video is all about.
    Now, the beautiful thing is, is that
    being able to get somebody to watch a video
    is not always possible.
    Getting someone to watch and look at an article's
    not always possible.
    So when we use an article,
    we can then share this on Facebook, or YouTube,
    or through our email list, or wherever it may be,
    and we do a couple of core things.
    Number one, we're able to deliver content based on
    how somebody consumes it.
    Some people consume videos,
    some people consume Facebook posts,
    some people consume articles,
    and all people are a little bit different.
    Number two, we're actually able to pixel
    and track engagement on who's consuming your content,
    and this is gonna be really, really important
    once you do things like retargeting,
    and retargeting based upon engagement.
    Number three,
    people are going to consume more of your content,
    look at your offerings and your products more often
    on your website, if they're actually going there.
    Number four, you actually have more ability to utilize
    things like YouTube advertising and Facebook ad placements,
    because certain placements on Facebook and YouTube
    and different online platforms for paid advertising,
    make it much easier to use your website
    versus using the inline part of the web,
    or the inline part of the platform itself,
    and your cost per click and cost per engagement
    actually goes down.
    So the way that it really should be is that
    you're sharing the video and the content at the same time,
    allowing us to really captivate
    as much of your potential audience as possible,
    and then being able to distribute that content
    through the different social platforms
    that you're utilizing.
    It doesn't matter if you have an email list
    going to these articles.
    It doesn't matter if it's a messenger bot.
    It doesn't matter if it's Facebook.
    We're now going to be able to re-target people
    based on interest, based on engagement,
    and based on how long they were actually on your website,
    allowing us to be far more relevant and omnipresent
    to those people that you're magnetizing
    and pulling towards us, that will end up becoming customers.
    So if you enjoyed this content and you want more of it,
    make sure you go ahead and subscribe.
    And if you want other entrepreneurs just like you
    to be able to also access this information, this knowledge,
    make sure you go ahead and share it with someone
    that means the most to you.
    Remember, as entrepreneurs, it's our job to be able to help
    other entrepreneurs continue to elevate,
    allowing us to evolve society, and evolve our world.
    I'll see you next time, bye.
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