How To Celebrate Earth Day 2018!!

How To Celebrate Earth Day 2018!!
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    Hey guys!
    Today is my FAVORITE day of the year!
    It's Earth Day!
    On this day in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated to celebrate everything that the
    Earth gives us and the beauty of nature and Earth's natural resources.
    How do I celebrate Earth Day!!?!
    Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Earth Day!
    The first thing that you can do is plant succulents and other plants around your house.
    Not only are they great to look at, but they increase the amount of oxygen in the air.
    And most of them actually act as an air filter for your house.
    They're a fun and cool way to bring a little bit of nature into your home.
    The second thing you can do is use a reusable water bottle!
    Everyday thousands of people use thousands of plastic water bottles that just end up
    in the landfills or end up in our oceans.
    By using a reusable water bottle, you don't have to throw anything away!
    It doesn't end up in our landfills and you can use it over and over and over again.
    The third thing that you can do is don't use any light or electricity today!
    I know that that's really hard to do, but try to open your windows!
    Let the natural light in!
    Turn off all those switches and just see if you can go one day without turning on your
    You'll be really surprised!
    The fourth thing you can do is do some meditation or yoga outside.
    Go enjoy the great outdoors.
    Get a breath of fresh air!
    Really understand what nature and the Earth have to give us.
    So guys, how are you celebrating your Earth Day!?
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    This is Shelby Kurland, have a great Earth Day!
    Sustainability is the Future!
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