How to Combine Contents in Cells in Excel - Tutorial

How to Combine Contents in Cells in Excel - Tutorial
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    Hi. In this Excel tutorial, we'll go over a few different ways to join cells in Excel. We'll join cells using Ampersand (&) and
    CONCATENATE, and then CONCAT, which is an updated version of CONCATENATE and, lastly, we'll join cells using the TEXTJOIN
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    Because & is a calculation operator and not a function, just select the cells that
    you want to join and make sure to type the & between each cell and any delimiter. So, in this case, we're using a space as our delimiter, but
    it can be any character or symbol. Making sure, again, to type the & between each one, and when you're done just select Enter.
    Now, CONCATENATE works like the &, but given that it's a formula, we'll type in CONCATENATE and
    select each cell that we want to join individually, adding our delimiter in quotation marks
    between each item that we're joining.
    CONCAT is an updated version of CONCATENATE, which will likely be phased out in the future. Now, what's great about
    CONCAT is that you can select a range of cells at one time, rather than individually. So, in our example, we actually want
    to insert a space as a delimiter between each item, but
    let's say we didn't.
    We can just select an entire range using CONCAT - which is something we're not able to do using
    the & or CONCATENATE, we'd still have to go in and choose each item individually. Now, let's just
    copy and paste over this so that it
    looks correct with our space between each one.
    And, lastly, TEXTJOIN. Now, TEXTJOIN is amazing! It functions very much like CONCAT, except that it can help you work faster. This
    is because you can define your delimiter up front. So, in this case, we'll type our space delimiter.
    We're going to choose to ignore empty cells. I mean, not that we have any empty cells in our range and there may be instances where you
    want to include them, but I'm going to choose ignore for this example. And then we can just select our range of cells that we want to join.
    And we'll copy this down.
    So, I hope you found this tutorial on ways to join cells in Microsoft Excel helpful. If you enjoyed it, please make sure to Like the video
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