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    hey guys Avinash here back with another video and welcome to my channel
    so yeah this video is not just one video and there'll be like a three video
    series where I'll be like teaching you guys on how to start your travel blog and all
    the different steps you need to follow to like start your travel blog for free
    so this video will give you all the insights on how to start your free
    travel blog and how to know more about the dashboard of the CMS system which
    we'll be using and also then the third and the most important step where you
    need to like list your blog to Google and all the other search engines and
    like how to do proper SEO so yeah this video is the first one where we'll be
    learning on how to start your blog and like how to get the free subdomain for
    your free travel blog yeah then in the second video we'll be
    learning about all the different settings in depth of the CMS system
    which will be using so yeah and in the third one it will be about SEO so if you
    are new to this channel I submit some tutorial videos on Tuesday and then
    there's some travel vlogs on Friday so yeah subscribe to my channel so you
    don't miss this series where I will be submitting three videos for three weeks
    from now on and yeah let's get started with the first one okay guys and yeah
    let's get started as you can see Google is open on my window and let's search
    for WordPress so the platform we'll be using for our free blog is WordPress
    which is like the most widely used platform for free blog so today we are
    just going to know learn about how to build your WordPress free blog using the so yeah let's get started you just have to like visit the first
    link which says create a free website or blog as you can
    see the WordPress website is open now and there is a banner which says
    WordPress powers 30% of the internet because this is the most widely used and
    CMS platform for bloggers and like the different website owners like to
    register here or like to register your blog you just have to click the
    get started button towards the right so it will take you to this page which says
    let's create a site and like you have to answer some of these questions to get
    started so the first question is what would you like to name your site so yeah
    as my channel is related to travel I'll be like making a dummy free travel blog
    to show you guys how everything works and how you can customize wordpress
    .com depending on your needs so yeah let's type it here Mr Avinash travel
    blog you can always change these settings in your WordPress dashboard so
    it doesn't matter whatever you put here because you just started to like either
    learn the blog or get something out of it so the second question is what will
    your site be about so depending on the genre or the category of the blog you
    want to make you can put travel or different music travel is in travel of
    blog which helps like in searches to find your website easily who
    is like looking for a travel blog or music blog or any other fashion or
    beauty related blog so the third question is about what's the primary
    goal you have for your site so my primary goal suits the first check box
    here which says share ideas experiences updates review stories
    videos and more like that is all I need so I'll just choose this and then again
    the second checkbox like go and choose multiple checkboxes you know like
    promote your business skills organization which also works in my case
    so I'll be choosing that as well then let's go to the fourth question which is
    about how comfortable are you with creating a website if you are like
    starting for the first time you should definitely choose the beginner level
    that is one so yeah after that's like to continue and go to the second step
    because there are like four steps to follow to start your first free travel
    or any blog and yeah the second step which is like
    really important and this will be like the domain which you will be choosing
    for your WordPress blog so yeah like as you can see it has recommended me
    depending on the name of I chose in the first step like mr. Avinash travel blog
    and which is also available for free so if you want to like get some custom
    domains you can definitely buy it from but yeah you have to pay
    some charge for that so yeah I'm not going to show you how the custom domains
    work in this tutorial maybe in the future one definitely but yeah I will
    recommend you guys to find something short like my blog is which
    shows something related to my life and that's how you can choose some
    domains so yeah this is mr avinash travel blog dot which is
    free for me so I'll be choosing that now let's click on select which will take us
    to the third step which is more about choosing the different plans available
    on wordpress and in like we are not going to totally discuss this but just
    for an overview you can see that if you get the 200 rupees 200 INR per
    month which will be billed yearly you will be getting a free custom domain and
    there will be some free features and email and live chat support from word
    press which is kind of worth because if you will be getting more customization
    to your themes or plugins and yeah so we are not using any of these because this
    tutorial is mostly about how to start your free blog so I'll just click on start
    with free so as you can see the step 4 is more about your email address so let
    me put this email address which I have so this is a dummy gmail account I
    created to like so you guys on how you need to verify your blog
    once you put in your email id then you can definitely choose a username ok guys
    so you have to choose a username here so let's keep it same as my gmail account
    and then let's put a password out here so yeah after putting the password you
    just need to click on continue and you have congratulations your site is life
    and if you want to see your site you can just click on view my site and yeah guys
    as you can see our free travel blog is live and it has the domain mr. avinash
    travel blog and yeah so let's get started with the different
    settings which you get here yeah if you're new here like you have just
    registered your account and you want to know more about the
    WordPress platform you will get this pop-up which will guide you through the
    whole CMS but yeah let's see what it does next
    so this towards the left is the my site menu which has everything from stats
    plan which is your engine for the site pages like all the
    pages which is like all the pages you will be making for your blog and then
    there are the blog post which is mostly the post you'll be posting on your blog media is
    all the images videos and all the upload to your blog I don't know how much
    storage you get but I think it will be unlimited from there's
    comments, testimonials and yeah themes we'll talk about the themes later then
    there is sharing like you can customize your blog to like
    automatically post your latest articles on different social medias connect your
    social medias and it will do it automatically for you people is more
    about you can add some sub admins who can like manage your blog or editors who
    can like come and edit some of your content depending on I don't know like
    there might be some cases where you will need to change your blog right so
    there's plugins domains domains I don't think you will be able to like change it
    depending on the plan you are using which is mostly a free plan and there
    are settings so we'll deeply discuss all of this and I'll just show you guys what
    basic ingredients we need to just get started with your blog so yeah let's
    click on next and I shows that you can customize your themes from him
    got it and that's it you are live with your blog and as you can see there is already
    a page made where there's a one blog post where it shows the journey begins
    and the date March 24 2018 the day I am like recording this video for you guys but
    yeah this will be posted I don't know when
    so yeah let's see so this is mostly the design of the blog articles which will
    be coming on your blog there's the date the author of the article and this is
    the button which only will be available to the admin so no other person can come
    and edit your blogs and there is comment you can use this to comment on your blog
    like people can come here and comment on your blog wrote something random and yeah
    as you can see though whatever I wrote in the comments down below it's live and
    and they have also made pages like the contact page where I think this will be working
    and the emails will be sent to you in your email ID and then there's the blog
    section where you will see all your articles like stacked one after the other
    depending on the date you have submitted you have search here and yeah
    guys that was the first video hope you liked it so the second video will be
    posted in the next week and yeah do not forget to Like watch that because that is
    very important where I will be teaching you guys on the different settings and
    like the in depth of the whole CMS system which we'll be using for our blog
    so yeah see you guys in the next one hope you like this video and do not
    forget to give this video a like and also subscribe my channel see you guys
    see you guys in the next one Bye Bye
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