How To Download Music & Listen Offline iOS 11 - 11.3.1 / 10 / 9 Free No Jailbreak / PC iPhone iPod

How To Download Music & Listen Offline iOS 11 - 11.3.1 / 10 / 9 Free No Jailbreak / PC iPhone iPod
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    hey what's up guys and welcome back to my channel aunt Adele got a brand new
    video for you guys any future be showing you guys How To Download Music & Listen Offline iOS 11
    or a matter of fact any iOS device you can download music we listen
    offline wherever you are whatever song you listen to completely free and this
    is not a jawbreaker and this is not unhappy act application you can let you
    download application from the App Store but first you guys are to die before
    forgot how to do that please make sure to subscribe to my channel and also
    check on a bell icon to be notified whenever I release any new content so
    let's get into guys so the first thing we'll do is guys go to app tool then you
    want to go to the search icon right here I went to having telegram tapping
    telegram and press search mine is right here guys I've got mines down at already
    born your device is the first time down over easy to get so tap on get to
    download it so I'm gonna down read our minds now tap download it so you wanna
    hit a home button now and then you're not go across ask you see guys my own is
    currently downloading but well the wait guys please make sure you subscribe to
    my channel and also click on a block on to be notified when we release any new
    once tanner is completed we went happening to open out and once you're
    here it's gonna artists press the um start message it's gonna ask you to
    enter your phone with the basically but but it's very similar to arm what's up
    so enter your phone number and press next and they would text your code as
    enter code to verify your account enter a name of my or onion dinner that's it
    you're done guys so guys once you here you want a pan arm surfer message or
    user tap and search then type in v km but which is right here guys v km but in
    top top on it and this let's see this lets you play any song guys legit any
    song you want to play he can play it as you can see I already played and played
    Drake and so on so say exampie want like um like Arnie or what sort of example
    he's researched Colonia West and press send he's gonna come back with a list of
    all Carnival songs as you can see here he's got a ton of songs you guys carne
    wise Tony a strong gossip if one freedom number four top number four then press
    disciplina decided obviously accomplished on
    someone UT but is currently playing right now that's currently play around
    guys stop that if you want something so many so when our savior zombie want the
    game for example press send it's gonna give the songs by the game as
    well game of ferns if you want 50 cent as well 50 cent for example just let you
    know it up recently as well if you want to play number 4 up hitting number 4 and
    it plays it for you let's get downloaded
    let's play let's play free straight to it guys just like that guys decide the
    guys frankly yes that's in the club rightly ask you see I've done other
    swimmers go to Donna's on Drake's nice on God's plan and so on and this this is
    all available offline I'll prove the guide is offline guys I'm
    gonna come out of this now I'm gonna stop this I'm gonna throw this
    application complete close it knows everything basically and then I'm gonna
    go to UM offline mother right now of landlord April my basically then i'ma
    go back to our telegram
    press okay then I go back to UM VK but again as you can see here I've got all
    these songs got still got all my songs it up and play it plays we straight away
    I decide that I was gonna see it spin again the good thing about this the good
    thing about this this guy's like you can literally go through final find all your
    favorite songs download it and having a place and I'll keep playing it over and
    over again offline on the train wherever you wanna go
    the only pickle Spotify or play for paper out of music you can do this
    wherever you are but anyway guys that's in the video please make sure to correct
    my channel and also click on that Bell icon you if you let me notify when I
    release anything content and if llama content please this much alive - or - I
    really appreciate that
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