How to find the best co-founder for your startup?

How to find the best co-founder for your startup?
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    Hi guys, my name is Rei and today we are going to talk about finding a co-founder.
    Okay, so you started your company, you are doing well.
    Your ideas are progressing well.
    You're starting the first prototype and then you say, "Oh, I need someone to help me on
    this journey.
    How do I find a good co-founder?"
    So, in my experience, the best co-founders are the ones that you find organically, which
    means someone that you probably met at school or at university.
    Someone that you grew up with or someone that goes to the same places - such as the gym - as you.
    Well, it's very simple, because at those places you can observe that person outside of work.
    It's very important to understand their values and the alignment of vision with your co-founder.
    Doing that in an organic way over a long period of time, you can really know what this person
    is really about.
    The other thing that's very important on a co-founder is for him or her to be complementary
    to your skills.
    If you are a business guy, for instance, try to find someone that's an ace in terms of
    programming or, if you are doing a biomedical company and you are a programmer, try to find
    someone that has the medical skills or the biotech skills that you need in a co-founder.
    The second thing that's very important is to like this co-founder because having a co-founder
    is like being married to someone.
    So, you'll want someone that you like.
    But, third, the most important thing actually, it's not only liking, it's respecting your
    A startup that you are going to build will go through many ups and downs.
    It's kind of a emotional rollercoaster and when you are at the bottom, when you are desperate,
    you need to have someone that you trust, that you respect professionally, to give you an
    honest opinion about everything and to follow that path if needed to.
    So, try to find a co-founder that respects you and that you respect.
    So, these are the main tips.
    Some people try to find a co-founder on the campus.
    Some people go to speed dating.
    There are no rules basically.
    This is just my experience but having a co-founder is actually really important most of the time
    because the startup experience is so difficult and so stressful that having someone, even
    to cry on their shoulder sometimes is a good idea.
    So, I recommend all of you guys to find a co-founder.
    But, if you are sure that you can do it alone, go for it.
    There are no rules.
    A lot of people are solo founders and they are very successful as well.
    Choose what's best for you and remember my golden advice in the beginning in the first
    video, follow your gut feeling always.
    Thank you guys.
    See you in the next video and subscribe to this channel.
    See you, bye-bye.
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