HOW TO: Full Coverage Makeup | #NYXCosmeticsPro Jordan Liberty x @soundtiss

HOW TO: Full Coverage Makeup | #NYXCosmeticsPro Jordan Liberty x @soundtiss
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    Hey everyone Jordan Liberty here today with NYX Professional Makeup in Thailand with my lovely model Tu
    Hi! This is Tu @SoundTiss with my special guest makeup artist
    makeup artist Jordan Liberty today,
    whom NYX Professional Makeup flew all the way from LA to Asia.
    I'm so excited!
    Sure and the look. I'm creating today is very skin focused
    I'm going to be using the new total control mesh cushion foundation to create a beautiful flawless skin look really what I'm known for
    But today, I'm gonna make it a little bit more matte and then of course punch it up with some eye makeup
    And the super exciting thing happening now
    is the new NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Mesh Cushion Foundation
    Because of the "Mesh" inside this cushion, it hold up the formula really well
    and gives you extra high coverage like a foundation.
    And even more exciting part, is that they comes in 10 shades.
    Unlike traditional cushion with only 2-3 shades that gives you hard time finding your shade
    you won't have a problem with this one. I'm so ready for this!
    I'm so ready. Me too, so we're gonna jump right in starting now. I'm using the total control drop primer
    This is really great for all skin types, and I'm gonna apply it with the number four brush
    Which is a duo fiber brush and this will apply it a little bit more sheer over the skin
    Now this foundation does have a sponge applicator on the inside but again today
    I wanted a little bit more sheer somebody use that number four brush again and
    If you want a little bit more full coverage just use the included sponge applicator today
    I'm going to let my concealer do the walking but if you feel like you need a little bit more just use the sponge
    That's on the inside
    And then it can seal any blemishes. I'm going to use the number nine brush and use that soft golden shade just
    feathering that in lightly
    In the product off the brush
    There's a lot a lot of brightness to the under eye area
    Next I'm using the micro contour duo pencil
    This is a cream contour and highlight and a pencil so you can create some targeted spot highlights
    None of the number five brush here
    I'm just going to create a very soft and natural contour
    The more you apply the heavier the look will be I just want a little definition on the cheeks and then for the highlight
    I'm gonna go back to my concealer brush number nine
    Very natural way to create. Just a subtle contour on the face
    The cheeks, I'm gonna use the sweet cheeks palette. I'm gonna mix these two shades
    It's more pinky coral, and the more orangey shade using the number 24 brush
    I'm apply this over a large area sort of patting that pigment onto this and building really slowly
    I think peachy tones look really fresh. I'm gonna skin even if you're not wearing any makeup
    For the eyebrows I want a softer fill, so I'm going to use the brow powder with the number eighteen brush
    This is the dark brown
    and I'm just gonna feather that through a
    natural brow shape
    Okay moving on to the eyes. I'm gonna start with the HD eye primer, and I'm apply that with the number 31 brush
    Next using the number 32 brush in the lid lingerie palette
    I'm gonna mix that orangie shade with this soft creamy nude on the bottom imma apply this through the crease as a transition shade
    the lash line and brow
    And switching to the number thirteen brush apply this on the lid
    I love peach with violets with one of my favorite color combinations a
    Really really gorgeous sort of violet black, and I brought out a smudge brush - this is number 35
    Just to make that a little bit softer on the lash line
    I'm gonna go back in about violet. It's a soften edge, okay
    and then switching eyeliners
    I'm gonna go to the NYX
    Metallic eyeliner in black metal and this will just build up that purple make it a little bit more dramatic
    So I'm applying this really tight to the lashes
    And then we finish the lashes with one coat of worth the hype mascara on top and bottom
    I love the brush on this guy, but it has that pointed tip to get all those little baby lashes
    Personally I think mascara over false lashes tends to look a little bit more natural
    For the lips I'm starting with the beyond nude lip liner
    Perfect for lining any lip shape and you can overdraw your lips with this if you want just slightly outside the line
    looks really great
    especially with nude lip colors
    And then I'm gonna finish with on the DL is the shade named super clicky lip color
    And this is like a soft peachy shade to really bring out the color. That's in the crease and
    the color that I put on the cheeks
    Make a soft matte color
    And then to finish if you want a little bit of glow on this skin
    I'm going to go back to the number 24 brush and the holographic halo powder
    Just to give this skin a soft kind of natural glow to finish
    So that's it
    That's the look using the total control mesh cushion
    Foundation to create a little bit more of a full coverage look on the skin
    And then of course pops of color and eyeliner
    I love eyeliner, so I hope you guys enjoyed, please leave your comments below if you have any feedback and of course
    we've not already following NYX professional makeup here in Thailand on YouTube hit that little subscribe button below I
    Got the morning now. What funny nether is ook. Happy man 4y good run McCoy. Thanks
    I see one little watch on a horse
    I might eat that thing a while out due back do so I do pitch McMichael ad hoc when a tiger the falconer cordini penguins
    up creep knock up in Cabo
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