How To Get In Shape When You Are Older - How The 80 - 20 Rule Helps Older Men Get In Shape

How To Get In Shape When You Are Older - How The 80 - 20 Rule Helps Older Men Get In Shape
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    Hello there. Hello, guys. Welcome to this live broadcast. I am so glad you are here.
    Hey! Tell me where you're from. Tell me where you're watching me from. Post it
    down in the comment section below. I want to acknowledge you for being here. Hello
    Kevin from Cape Town South Africa. I am so glad you are here, sir. Hello Patrick
    from Charlotte North Carolina. Guys. It's so good to be with you on this live
    broadcast. hello you mare how are you sir go ahead and
    continue posting where you're from hello Wesley from Dubai Jeff good to have you
    here keep on posting I love it I love our international audience we have our
    passion for bodybuilding and training exercise working out whatever it is to
    you I want to help you along this journey even if I just show up for these
    live broadcasts when we go through the journey so tell me where you're from
    post your questions your comments your suggestions down below while more driven
    ambitious men come and join us on this live broadcast and the vast majority of
    the driven ambitious men who love this man formation message to think big but
    think bigger than getting bigger you want to become your best both inside and
    outside the gym most of the driven ambitious men they are watching the
    replay version so I will look at the console acknowledge you for being here
    I'll answer your questions all throughout the day all throughout the
    next couple of days so Kevin says my work ethic is inspirational thank you so
    much I want to talk about that hello I John well how do you do and I've got a
    lot of things to talk about while I'm here had another comment down below when
    I was letting you know that I was gonna be going live and a gentleman said hey
    looks like you're ready for competition skip I want to talk about that I want to
    talk about this concept that I developed I
    share it with my one-on-one coaching clients you may know if you don't know I
    consider myself a success fulfillment accountability coach some people call it
    a life coach I don't really like that term because what I do is I use my
    insight and perspective many of the men who come to me for one-on-one coaching
    we have a lot of things that are very similar and their leaders they're doing
    well in life they're doing better than most and they know that sometimes they
    feel a little guilty because they want so much more and they're looking for
    that edge and what I do is again I help them set driven ambitious goals I just
    create this imagination for the life that they really want and then I make
    them accountable to taking actions every single day I had objectivity perspective
    and strategies we do that week by week with one hour along coaching calls the
    calls to record it I have this form that they fill out before they have to have
    it prepared one hour before we start our session the session again it's one hour
    it's on the same day every single week we just lock it in and we go on this
    journey there's a form to fill out afterwards where I ask specific skill
    questions to make sure they pull everything out of each session I make
    sure that they take that preparation form that takeaway form that they do
    afterwards along with the mp3 sound file that they have every single week and
    organize it on their computer and folders week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4
    because it is a personal development seminar motivational seminar that's
    specifically designed for them through the all this one-on-one time so like
    after 12 weeks it's 12 hours of a personal development seminar that's
    based on their specific wants desires their values what's important to them
    right not just this generic information that you get on the internet there are
    challenges and I'll tell you as we go through life we uncover our power
    sometimes it's little by little by little sometimes we come in too big
    Tonks where we step into power and why these recordings are so valuable and I
    make sure that not only do they play all out every single week for the time that
    we spend together but they keep those files because they will discover and
    you'll discover it if you go on this journey with me too that you'll continue
    to learn from those twelve intense hours or however long the men are with me over
    and over again as we just expand to higher and higher levels with the same
    specific values the same specific goals in dreams and the same specific
    challenges we constantly evolve and these recordings they they become more
    and more valuable over time you may know what that's like maybe you had a coach
    teacher maybe even a a parent and they gave you a lesson and you you understood
    it at one level when they told it to you but as time passed by you really really
    appreciate the power you learned more and more and that's what my one on one
    success fulfillment and accountability coaching does I'm going to do another
    set here continue to post your questions your comments your suggestions I'm going
    to acknowledge you for being here I'm going to do another set as I finish
    off today's leg workout and out I want to tell you about these live videos what
    to expect because I love connecting with you guys what you expect in the future
    how you can get the most out of them and really I've got some exciting news that
    I want to share with you how are you if you're the type of man who does whatever
    it takes to get what he wants how we can connect and we can talk for 10 or 15
    minutes absolutely free so I could not you know I know on the internet there's
    so much generic information out there it's all helpful get you motivated get
    you thinking I'll tell you this I've just helped for over thirty years
    helping out men just like you and me I mean dozens and dozens of men for
    thousands of hours I'm telling you many of the challenges that you're going
    through right now they're not unique to you that the combination to the lock the
    the puzzle has already been figured out it's just that it's new to you
    and that's what I've gathered all this time and many times I can just talk to
    you for 10 or 15 minutes and just cut through all that and just have this
    enlightenment right but what I've learned through life is that when you're
    trying to crack any code maybe it's to have the body that you want the business
    that you want the relationship that you want it really comes down to the Pareto
    principle that 8020 rule and that means like you know maybe let's take your
    bodybuilding and training efforts of exercise I mean you're a smart guy
    you're determined you want the results just maybe when you're new to it there's
    like a hundred things so to speak that you're trying to sort out in your brain
    and everybody's there with extreme passionate uncertainty they're saying
    you need to do this you need to do this you need to do this right and there
    that's their sincere effort or their level of understanding when you do
    finally master you usually realize that there's like 20 things out of the
    hundred that make the biggest impact right but you're trying to do all a
    hundred things now over time you get experience and you realize okay
    all 100 aren't equally as important and you'll narrow that down to 80 out of the
    hundred and you won't worry so much about the twenty because they don't make
    that much of an impact they won't confuse you cause you to stumble like
    they did in the past or more time you might narrow it down to 50 out of the
    hundred and you can just focus on those 50 now over time if you can if you can
    be resourceful and gritty and be persistent inconsistent right you'll
    eventually figure out what the 20 are all right but that's a process you can
    get coaching you can get mentoring you could know watch videos hopefully that
    will speed up the process but the sooner you can crack the code and figure out
    that 20 things that make the biggest impact you're on your way one thing that
    you'll notice too and if you've been a few master in another area of your life
    then you probably have noticed this too is when you're trying to do 100 things
    you think that you're executing well and consistently you think you have high
    standards because your brain is trying to do all 100 things all right doesn't
    know how to prioritize the hierarchy of value they're not valued
    equally when they come to results what you'll do when you get closer and closer
    that 20 is you'll realize Wow I thought I was a 10 out of 10 I thought I trained
    hard I thought I knew my stuff but when you get rid of all the 80 things that
    don't matter and now you're fully focused on the 20 things that make that
    biggest impact then you'll say wow there's a lot higher levels that I could
    go on I thought it was a 10 out of 10 and that was were my best qualities and
    that's what made me last this long that's what made me become this
    successful but I'm only I can eight out of those things so I'm not a ten there's
    higher and higher and higher levels to go and so you you get more passion more
    enthusiasm there's less chatter in your head and then you just double down
    triple down quadruple down all your energy goes into the 20 things that
    really matter and you're calm and your confidence and you're not distracted
    like when you first start it and then you're on your way then you're on your
    way taking those 20 things to higher and higher levels the challenge is will you
    outlast all the uncertainty right you know you're smart you know you want it
    you know you're working hard will you out lab outlast all of your uncertainty
    to figure out the 20 and then work hard at it I'll tell you guys this is
    something as I've always gone for more and more in life trying to craft the
    codes whether it's business body building the business of body building
    coaching whatever it may be I would always see guys who I give it up to him
    they were smart hardworking but I couldn't really see why they were way up
    here in what they were able to produce this level of success they had how much
    it was so much more than me I just couldn't figure it out until I started
    understanding this so what they did that I couldn't see because I couldn't
    understand is they figured out the 20 things that really matter they got
    better and better at those 20 while my willpower focus energy time was all
    diffused with all hundred things and then 80 things and 50 things and they've
    just been barreling down on those 20 things for five years 10 years more than
    me and I tell ya that is when you see a man
    who you know you give it up to me he's hardworking he's smart he's determined
    I'm telling the reason why he's so successful that gap is so much it's it's
    so wide and so much the news he figured out those 20 things and he's been doing
    it for years so all of his energy all this passion has been really focused in
    a direction that serves him best and so that's the key that's what I do with my
    net all right I use my experience my experience that coaching men just like
    them I get them focused on that imagination their dreams their goals
    their vision and then we set out some strategies but I'll tell you got to help
    those goals because that's what makes you step up that's the measure and you
    move forward and I again I make them accountable to the promises that they
    made themselves every single week through accountability all right all
    right let's see here you guys find that helpful you guys find that help well let
    me know in the comments section below this is the these are the type of
    distinctions talking to so many men just like you just like me just like us for
    literally thousands of hours you can't help but crack a code and that's why I
    want to come to you and I want to share these type of strategies with you just
    get you started at least hello uh Andrea from Italy good to have you here hello
    Dale always good stuff thank you so much to hell I'm glad you're getting value
    out of it I'm ed want to say rest in peace yeah I am at okay you know uh IVC
    I I'm not really into the DJ culture but I guess he was he inspired a lot of
    people all right so it's nice of um ed hello uh while it from Algeria good to
    have you here Albert from Malaysia good to have you here all right guys Joan now
    lower level biceps alright guys I'm going to do another set I'm going to
    come back I've got it if you've made it this far you found it I'm gonna do
    another set and I've got a special offer for older men who have some unique
    situations so if you're an older man you're getting a lot of email suffer
    getting a lot of comments and messages from men all over the world they're
    saying WOW you know you've got a lot of energy in addition of the way that I
    look at 55 years old and I'm glad that I can provide that motivation to you I've
    been talking to men all over the world hey make sure you're on my youtube
    channel and that's at Schiphol core make sure you're on my Facebook page at
    Schiphol core page make sure that you're on Instagram Twitter and periscope and
    those are at Schiphol core to make sure you visit my websites
    because on all those these social media platforms they all have a different
    flavor a different way to communicate so among all of them not just in live
    videos there's also the recorded produced videos that I do the the blog
    posts the articles the images the training routines right in addition to
    podcasts so make sure you're on all of my social media platforms and make sure
    you use the comment section down below right here on Facebook on YouTube make
    sure you use the comments section all throughout the day I'm interacting
    underneath the videos and all the posts so make sure that you do that alright
    I'll be right back if you're older man okay I've got some I've got a special
    situation of where I'm going to talk to you for 10 or 15 minutes absolutely free
    this week but I'm only talking to older men who have these particular situations
    these challenges these goals alright so hang on and do one more set
    and if you're an older man I want to talk to you this weekend alright 10 or
    15 minutes absolutely free I have a conference line set up all over the
    world so wherever you are we can connect
    alright let's finish that leg workout I'm so glad you guys are here alright so
    if you're an older man so many men have been coming on to all my social media
    platforms again make sure you're on all of my social media platforms make sure
    you're on YouTube at Schiphol core make sure on facebook at Schiphol core page
    and then Instagram Twitter and periscope at Schiphol core and make sure you visit
    skipped liqueur calm again this is my life this is my passion this is my
    mission right this is my legacy that I get to live out every single day with
    you and so I am putting them on all the social media platforms you don't want to
    miss anything right if you're an older man you want to click the link that I
    have down below to get on my special email list a lot of material for guys
    like us Here I am at 55 years old view if you're new to this video broadcast my
    name is Skip la Cour I'm a coach I'm a speaker I'm an entrepreneur I'm a former
    603 Bobby boy Here I am 15 years removed from competition at 15 at 55 years old
    and living with this much passion the love of fitness just like you and
    sharing my passion and knowledge with you so you want to get on that email
    list I've got a lot of material that's specifically designed says older more
    mature men who still want so much more like you're busy you're productive
    you know you want to put your time in the gym you'll love it but you got a lot
    of other things going on I want to help you become more effective and efficient
    with your time I want you to reach your goals outside of the gym but still have
    an amazing body like we can't no matter what age we are so get on that mailing
    list click the link down below its SL for skippable court SL
    front slash older - men all right SL front slash older - men alright
    so this weekend alright but I guess it want to take a step back I love these
    live video broadcast right I love connecting
    the energy I love saying hello I love recognizing this international audience
    we have this mutual passion for bodybuilding training exercise to become
    the best that we can be outside of the gym too and love it I just found out you
    know within it with the social media the guys who really take action they really
    don't have a lot of time for these live videos right and I'm gonna be coming to
    you probably not quite as often so make sure you set you notifications so we can
    really spend this time once or twice a week maybe right I've been doing a lot
    more produced videos I've been directly talking to men just like you I had a
    comment about looking in contests shape and I want to check it's this process
    that I develop it's to set your entire life up like a contest to win big there
    too and you know what it was is that you know competing was such an amazing
    experience you know a hundred times day you're thinking of what you wanted to
    look like on stage and what you had to do to get there
    sometimes you felt you were great about your journey sometimes you felt you were
    behind but it was it was all-consuming and it was the most amazing journey if
    you left it all on the floor for all that time there was no way to lose and
    when I retired from competitive body but I realized I was addicted to that
    feeling I was addicted to that journey and nothing in life I didn't know how to
    recapture that feeling but see here's the challenge I wanted so much more than
    a trophy and the titles I want enough those trophies entitled so I created
    this this way of thinking that what if I can set my entire life every element of
    it like a contest so I can have that same rush that same focus that same
    feelings that say taxing myself that's imagine that I had to step up every
    single day and I put together this system step by step you know if you're
    interested send me on an email all right I skip out Skip la Cour calm
    because in these seventy bullet points I captured the feelings and emotions that
    I would have to I would have to experience in my life if I was going to
    set my entire life conscious you know that's why I can get
    up at two o'clock in the morning and do cardio at home while I'm writing I'm
    thinking I'm planning all of this I get to the gym at 3:30 4 o'clock I come to
    you with my live videos I do record videos I go all day long coaching man
    just like you a lot of my top two absolutely free right so if you're an
    older man maybe you've competed in the past near thing in laughs I love that
    concept set my entire life up like a contest this weekend reach out to me
    right semi-matte skip skip liqueur calm you can direct message me on Facebook
    you can comment down below on youtube you can call my phone number that I have
    set up and that's two month re9 seven three eight seven nine zero right I'll
    post that damn look to one three nine seven three eight seven nine zero if you
    if you're an older guy you compete it in the past and you like this idea you want
    to get that fire back and the rest your life - to say your entire life like the
    context I want to talk to you this week and one-on-one absolutely free just talk
    to you - for 10 or 15 months but you got to take action right just prove my
    theory my hypothesis that the most driven men are not watching live videos
    on social media on Facebook right that's this hypothesis but you're watching now
    I want you to call me I want you to challenge that say hey I watch all your
    live videos and I'm taking action all right now here's another thing with the
    older men a lot of guys say well that contest of sailing is amazing I've been
    working out all this time I always wanted to enter a contest if that - if
    you're a little bit older you love training that you always want to you've
    always wanted to enter a contest you'll want it to knock that off your bucket
    list you just can't get the certitude confidence you don't know exactly what
    the next steps are I want you to reach out to me - this weekend all right
    sending that email Skype asking for commas talk for 10 or 15 minutes I can
    get you straight I talked them in all the time of you look at some of my
    testimonials from men who I coach they they have that same dream to
    someday in our contest and some of these guys have just amazing physiques I'm
    surprised you know that they never did compete before that point but you're
    talking to a guy who competed thirteen months after I finished training alright
    so if you're a man you can train it you'll love it you want have it on your
    bucket list to enter a bodybuilding contest someday this is a time the this
    weekend to reach out to me alright now here's the other thing too is I've been
    talking to so many older men I mean a lot of new guys I love you guys on
    YouTube right a lot of older guys who have inspired by my physique my message
    you know what I hear a lot is you know a lot of the passionate fitness experts
    twenty twenty-five years old thirty years old they can't match that level of
    intensity in the gym or all that time or all those training sessions and they're
    trying to do it they can't hang or they don't start because they just see it as
    that way and they like the approach now look I was that guy
    I had that level of accomplishment in passion time spent in the past but now
    I've got more productive thing and the approach that I do the mental approach
    and the strategies to say it you can still look great at your age with your
    busy productive life and you don't have to go to that extreme and I want to help
    you do that I've got a lot of ways to do that so if you are an older man and you
    want to take this a little bit more seriously and you want to join a
    commercial gym maybe for the first time I want you to reach out to me too right
    so if you're an older man like me you're driven you don't go around saying I'm 52
    years young or 40 series don't you say look I'm 55 years old
    alright you wear it as a badge align you have a life that you're you're proud of
    and it's still going to get better you got more inside you so you're a little
    bit older and you used to compete in the past
    want to set your entire life up like a conscious one to know more about what
    I'm talking about reach out today again email direct message me comment down
    below call that phone number whatever it takes this week and I'll talk to you
    absolutely free for 10 or 15 minutes turn on the light bulbs get you start it
    down thinking pattern it's all your imagination and thoughts that's the
    genesis that the beginnings of all great accomplishment to get you out of any
    funk or any getting your swagger back alright it's not too late to be great as
    I say right get your swagger back starts with that imagination maybe I can
    rekindle that Drive that imagination in 10 or 15 minutes talking to me right so
    if you're an older man you competed in the past if you want to set your entire
    life up like a contest reach out to me this weekend okay
    or if you're an older man you love training you look good and you always
    wanted to enter a contest but you just know you needed more size you needed
    more knowledge whatever it is and you finally want to take actions I'll jump
    start right I'll just shift your perspective helping out so many men do
    this that's if they're an older man and you want to enter a contest for the very
    first time and wherever you are on your journey maybe you're new you're a little
    bit older maybe in the past you took care of your family and if there's got
    that under control maybe you don't and you're looking to for the gym for that
    therapy that sense of confidence whatever maybe they want to join the gym
    for the very first time a commercial gym can be really intimidating I know that
    if you're an older man and you want to join a commercial gym for the very first
    time we shout out too many - so this is a weekend a specifically designed for
    older men who are in those three categories right guys thank you so much
    for being here have a great day have an outstanding day have an awesome day
    think big and think bigger than getting bigger
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