How To Get A Job In Accounting by Attending Career Fairs (The Secret to getting a job in accounting)

How To Get A Job In Accounting by Attending Career Fairs (The Secret to getting a job in accounting)
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    ladies and gentlemen how is it going it is so good to see all of your beautiful
    faces once again my name is Mike the CPA this is my sidekick chipper here welcome
    back to money in life TV I am so excited to be talking about this topic with you
    today now this topic is actually a subscriber
    requested topic if you're looking on how to land your first job after college and
    accounting and this by the way the networking tips I'm gonna be talking
    about today into in this video will help you land the job in almost any
    profession you can think of however the question was specifically
    related to Mike how can I land my first job in accounting riah for college I'm
    going to give you some solid tips a very practical advice that you can implement
    in your own life to help you network more professionally and increase your
    odds of landing your first job after college by the way if you're brand new
    to this channel I just want to take a moment to say welcome now usually on
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    I remember when I first got out of school or when I was in school I was
    like man how the heck am I gonna land a job because when I would go online to
    look at job postings every single employer wanted experience
    and I didn't have it and so what I found though is if you can get yourself your
    foot in the door to an internship opportunity or something like that then
    you can gain experience and that is what these networking tips are really
    designed to do I highly encourage you to watch this whole video from start to
    finish I really think it's gonna be worth your time just so you guys know
    I've been working in accounting for six to seven years now and so I've been on
    both sides I've been on the side where I had no experience didn't know how to get
    my first job in accounting and now I've been on the recruiting side as well
    where I'm going to college recruiting events and things like that
    now if you're wondering if you should be taking notes on this I would encourage
    you to do so however I'm actually gonna provide you with the notes I kind of
    made this as a script for this video kind of an outline and so oh is that it
    I was like well why don't I just give this to you guys and I can just kind of
    use this to stay on point and provide you with some valuable advice so in the
    description section down below of this video which you can check out at any
    time you can find this available for download
    it's completely free it's two pages worth of notes that I've produced that
    are gonna help you with all of these pointers I'm gonna talk about in this
    video all right guys let's talk about professional networking and specifically
    in this video I'm gonna talk about networking at events like a career fair
    are like a college event on your college campus and if you're wondering like I
    used to wonder what's the secret to getting a job in accounting right out of
    college the secret is what you're doing right
    now while you're still in college and one of the big things is networking at
    career fairs now often schools that are universities that you attend will have
    career fairs sometimes their accounting specific but often they'll have a County
    and Finance jobs where you can go to them usually usually during the evening
    and they'll bring in a lot of employers throughout the area that you can meet
    that you can be introduced to network with etc to help you land a job so
    that's the kind of networking I'm gonna be talking about today is to help you
    get even better and more professional when you go to those events so that you
    stand out as somebody that they would hire as an intern or somebody that
    they're going to keep in the back of their mind wandering
    hey when they graduate we want them we want to be contacting them for an
    interview so the first question is well how do you even find out about these
    events where do you find out well often universities or colleges will have a
    Career Center at least that's what they called it when I was going to college is
    they had this department at the college that was completely dedicated to helping
    students get ready to get jobs so to help them with their resume help them
    network let them know of upcoming events contact somebody at your office or at
    the office at your school or check with one of your professors say hey where's
    the career where do we have a Career Center on campus is there anybody who
    can help me find out when the next career events coming up get plugged into
    that and use their resources and usually even if you're an alumni because I even
    use those after I graduated I could still go back anytime I wanted and they
    would still help me with my resume practice interviewing etc with with
    those kinds of things so really utilize it it's there for you and it makes
    colleges look good when when they can say hey if you come to our college guess
    what we actually are able to get students jobs that makes them look
    really good and they want to help you so find out where the Career Center is on
    campus that's tip number one okay let's talk about tip number two when should
    you start networking at what point in your college career should you start
    going to these events my suggestion to you would be your no later than your
    sophomore year you'll say well Mike isn't that too early what I'm not even
    going to be ready to graduate that's okay because the people who go early on
    in their sophomore year have time more time to develop relationships with those
    recruiters the companies that are coming to those job fairs on campus or off the
    campus doesn't have to be college campus specific here guys but though they'll
    give a chance if you go there starting off young and early you're gonna have
    more of a chance to get to know them and you're gonna be able to build up a
    relationship with them over time because often the companies are gonna send the
    same people every single year to those events to see who they're looking to
    recruit and to be honest that's one of the main reasons I have the job I
    have today is because the head of HR was always at those recruiting events and
    over the span of a few years even when I first met her I wasn't ready to graduate
    but over the course of those years I would always go to those recruiting
    events while I was at college and I would take advantage of them and she got
    to know me and so when I became available to looking for a job she felt
    comfortable contacting me for an interview and I've been working at that
    firm now for over six years so start networking early that's one of
    the best tips I can give you okay so let's go to the next one okay tip number
    three let's get into some specifics here usually you're gonna know what employers
    are coming to these networking events especially if they're gonna gonna be on
    a college campus and you can often find out like I said if you get in touch with
    your Career Center or the department at your college who does that kind of stuff
    they'll usually have a pamphlet or flyer to give you some sort of idea or on
    their school website so you can get an idea of which employers are gonna be
    there that night and so my suggestion for you is think like a marketing person
    so do you think a professional person in marketing wants every customer you would
    initially you might think yes but the answer is no a marketing person as
    somebody who's a professional marketer is gonna target certain customers and so
    what I mean what I'm trying to say here with your
    approach to networking if you know ahead of time which companies are gonna be
    coming to that career fair do your homework pick your top three companies
    you want to talk to that night the ones that are most important to you the ones
    you would most likely want to have a chance to work for and go online and
    study their website study a few things about them write some notes down and so
    that when you come to that career fair you are prepared and when you're talking
    to them you can ask them very specific questions about their organization that
    are gonna blow them away because most people most students who
    are attending those events I can tell you from my experience as a recruiter
    aren't asking questions about the company itself and so whenever is when
    somebody comes to me at when I'm at a recruiting event and ask me a very
    specific question of the company I work at I am blown away
    because that instantly tells me that there are prepared this person is
    professional they're taking a professional approach and they're
    prepared and that's Mick already starts to make me think that there's somebody I
    would like to interview or somebody I can count on tip number four you
    wouldn't think I would have to talk about this but I actually do and tip
    number four is look professional look and dress professional so what I see
    students doing is they're you know when there's these recruiting events there
    might be you know 50 to 100 students up these things and if somebody is
    underdressed for the event so let's take a guy for example think of what's the
    most professional look a guy can have what is your mind go to and if you're
    like me you're usually thinking a guy in a suit and tie right suit and tie that
    is the full gamut of professionalism for a man but often now let's say another
    guy walks in the room and he's only what he's wearing black slacks but he's
    wearing a polo and then now he now he's standing next to the guy in a suit and
    tie well instantly as a recruiter or
    somebody who's looking for potential candidate I'm thinking that the guy in
    the suit and tie is better prepared what I'm saying here guys is don't let the
    way your dress diminish your odds of landing an internship or an interview I
    know things are much more relaxed these days especially with Millennials I love
    wearing loose and relaxed clothes however when you're attending these
    networking events make sure you are dressed for the occasion
    look and dress the best as possible the more professional look the better your
    odds will be of you getting an internship or an interview in the future
    with these companies tip number five is bring your resume have it on you have it
    with you you know have covers letters with you how if you have letters of
    references from your teachers or whomever whomever you've worked with and
    whatever capacity doesn't have to be accounting right whoever can vouch for
    your work ethic your hard work ethic why you might be valuable for their company
    have those materials on you when you're attending these career events it will
    really help you and if you don't have it on you like physically have it keep a
    couple copies in your car while you're looking for a job so that you're always
    ready you are always prepared and that's because that's what recruiters are
    looking for they're looking for somebody who's perfect professional and somebody
    who prepares because that they know a person who
    prepares is probably going to be a very valuable employee to their organization
    hey guys thank you so much for taking time out of your day to watch this video
    sorry I had to cut it a little short life and work just got a little too
    hectic so I'm gonna release part two most likely sometime next week and it's
    gonna have the last five tips so be looking for that coming up now I hope
    you guys found these first five tips helpful I would love to hear of the five
    tips we've discussed today let me know in the comment section down below which
    one you are most excited about which one do you think you're gonna implement
    first to help you land the interview or just to help you when you're out about
    at a career fair I can't wait to see you guys next week in next week's video
    because I really we're gonna get into the Nitty Gritty of some of the
    questions recruiters may ask you and some of the
    questions ice will suggest that you asked them to help you stand out when
    trying to land a job as you guys know I have all series of videos on public
    accounting taxes investing finances etc so make sure to subscribe if you have
    not already share this information with a friend especially somebody who's
    trying to go into accounting and I will see you guys next week
    love you guys live life on caged
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