How to get NOTICED|Professional Manga

How to get NOTICED|Professional Manga
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    You can make 4 million yen making Dojinshi
    4 million??
    Konnichi wa!
    I can't beat that
    Hello! - Hi I'm Mikey
    Mikey's back today
    And today we have a guest - I'm guest
    illustrator, director... - various things
    Artist tony
    I've been wanting to ask an industry Manga assistant Artist tony
    I've been wanting to ask an industry Manga assistant
    What kind of Manga is popular in Japan right now?
    what's popular in Japan now is...
    Survival horror etc
    Thing like death game manga
    Well, that boom is coming down a bit recently
    But even still, it's booming
    Is there a particular reason?
    I wonder...
    Because there are many characters
    You can find a character that you align with
    You can choose someone you sympathize with
    So, death game manga is getting closer to Idol culture?
    Idol culture? Ah, well...perhaps -It must be
    Having many characters is... - good isn't it
    Well, that way you can picture yourself in it
    Characters, or rather, is there a prevailing style in Japan?
    e.g., super realistic?
    or becoming super moe?
    Becoming moe?
    moe moe...kyun?
    like, a formless blob of slime?
    Well, maybe nothing that specific but
    now, there's so many mangas
    I can't really say there's one prevailing trend right now
    Why is that I wonder? - Yes, do tell
    Well, basically, there's just so many out there and also
    Perhaps, every is in to their specific interests
    so it's unlikely it'll all focus on one thing
    For people who aren't yet serialized...
    People who really want to get published
    Is there no real need to aim for a particular style?
    The most standard situation is draw it yourself
    Bring it to a publisher
    Have them look at it
    Then if it's good enough, someone represents you
    The editor etc
    You talk back and forth, make a good manga
    Then it goes to a meeting
    If you get that far
    Then you get published. That's the most standard flow
    but these days, there's social media
    You can post your own manga
    doesn't even have to a be a finished piece
    just a rough draft
    Then go what they call 'viral'
    Then the publishers contact you
    they say 'would you like to make a book' - wow, turned on its head
    Wow - this style also happens
    Music is like that too
    ok then, so now companies are riding the wave of individuals?
    To put it simply, yes
    Rather than putting out a manga that might not succeed
    They instead put something that already has a customers
    Sales-wise, it's easier
    It sounds safer
    indeed, there are already customers for it
    recently I've been meeting to many mangakas
    When I ask them "Where can I read your work?"
    They often refer to apps like LINE
    Are mangakas aiming for that instead now?
    It's related to what I mentioned before
    there's the publisher route
    you draw, talk to an editor, decide if it's good
    it goes to the meeting, and it's decided there. a long process
    And, if it's not selected at the meeting...
    If you're unlucky, that's months, even years lost
    well, if you draw quickly and can do it yourself then you can continue
    Then publish it yourself digitally online
    You can make a number of place to sell it
    so, it's not like paper manga is over?
    They're not aiming for digital publication specifically
    not noticeably so
    but, compared to before, digital has certainly increased
    Because of speed?
    There's that, but also unsold paper is a loss
    If you make 10,000 copies
    but then only sell 7000 copies
    With digital there's no loss
    for publishers, it's preferable
    it's safe - somewhat, yes
    haha, "somewhat safe"
    Can one say that manga is safe really?
    regarding manga face style
    is the style big eyes like betty boop?
    or Atom Boy
    Or is it more realistic now?
    well, there are trends here and there but
    Compared to the past, it's not so noticeable
    in the past maybe it was common to have large eyes
    but recently, it's more about content
    There's also the style preferred by the readers of each specific magazine
    There are very unique styles too
    But personally, I wouldn't say there's a strong prevailing overall style
    About older manga
    like from the 60s and 70s
    I feel I can say "This is old style"
    but this generation I feel like
    Probably it's harder to categorize
    If we are to look at it in that way then
    Older manga has thicker lines
    There's what's called 'kakesen' and 'byousen' lines
    Even the hatching lines for shadow, old manga had lots of that
    About recent teen boys manga,
    There's also the hatching lines in manga like Kingdom
    but more often there's tone instead
    That way it feels lighter too
    well, that's how it seems for teen and boy targeted manga
    I have been using digital only. Do you mostly use digital or analog?
    The studio I work at is analog
    But for personal work I work digitally
    I'd say actually it's about 50/50
    for teen manga artists digital can be too expensive
    for that reason they go analog sometimes
    When they start to make money, they can move to digital
    but conversely there are the older manga artists who struggle with digital so they stick with analog
    They're around still
    I can't say it's definitely one or the other
    Personally I prefer analog
    but, my work is considerably mass production
    And I don't know what will be a big hit
    So if there's a lot of work to do I think digital is better
    I simply thought young people always went digital
    but indeed, it's expensive
    But I heard a mangaka won a prize for smartphone manga
    eh? - A mangaka drew on his smartphone and won a prize
    a smartphone manga won the prize??
    That's crazy!
    I heard it happened
    Amazing - I'd have to check the details
    if you're not starting up as a 'proper' mangaka
    then even without digital tools, I think it's fine to start with even just your phone
    So, thinking about what's popular first...
    and copying that...doesn't guarantee success does it?
    Regarding what's popular now...
    Well, you'll probably guarantee a certain amount of return
    But I think it'd be hard to get a breakaway success that way
    Things like food-themed manga are popular
    Food manga?
    like in dungeons etc - heading into the dungeon
    like, how long can we survive on nothing but monster meat?
    well does exist
    So if you can ride trends
    You can probably make a living at first
    but I haven't seen such manga go on to be big hits
    In the west self-publishing is very popular
    Make it yourself
    but in Japan, it's uncommon isn't it?
    Doing manga independently is quite uncommon
    but, when it comes to 'dojinshi'
    Instead of printing with at a publisher, they print themselves
    And they can put books together that way
    but, regarding domestic sales in Japan
    It's not your copyright so you can't advertise
    you have more power with a publisher
    Also, going independent means dealing with taxes etc
    You take risks etc
    About the people generally in the manga industry
    many people have little experience working in companies
    at most it's usually part-time work here and there
    many people jump straight into manga
    so, they're often unfamiliar with things like sorting out tax
    So publishing independent can be kinda risky
    So for many it's too difficult
    About living
    Can you sell dojinshi at events like 'comiket'
    and cover living expenses with the profits alone?
    Actually, I happen to know one...only one
    He sold so much dojinshi he was able to buy a car and a house
    I'm moved!
    I'm off to go draw
    The thing with dojinshi is...
    While some is original
    generally speaking, it's fan-works
    so, people are doing it as a hobby
    but, once the main series fades will the fan works
    It's not something that can be continued forever
    You can't control your destiny
    So, there's not so many living off dojinshi sales?
    the person I mentioned just now is pretty high level
    I don't think there are many like that
    But if you can sell consistently
    in a year, you can make maybe 4 million yen
    4 million?
    they exist it seems
    Thinking of money I just space out
    Well, that's a successful example
    of course, there are plenty who make no profit from it
    Of course yes
    In that case, it remains a hobby?
    yes, though dojinshi is generally done because they like it
    People don't usually plan to make a living off it
    So, that's different between manga and dojinshi
    They don't think of it as a job
    Also, particularly this year
    Marvel movies are really popular
    About American comics...
    There's a lot of realistic styles
    Has it influenced Japanese Manga?
    I wonder...
    I haven't seen many manga that were influenced by Marvel comics
    Me too, haven't seen many
    I like Marvel too but... - yeah, even though Marvel comics are so great
    It doesn't seem to hit big in Japan ever
    American Comics are generally quite realistic
    so for Japanese people who've read them
    It's a hobby but doesn't really hit big
    There are mangaka here who super love Marvel comics
    But there aren't many who have put marvel influence into their own work
    There's a few
    Let's take Darkhorse's Hellboy for example
    It's a really unique style
    Would that be no good in Japan?
    Japanese people can be often conservative
    It's uncommon to approach brand new things
    It's more common to like things they've always loved
    we tend not to go on big adventures
    So american comics do what they do
    And Japan's manga do what they do
    We're used to that
    So it's not about which is better, just harder to try other things
    If you're making a manga from scratch
    then even if your style is very unique
    perhaps the safest route is...
    to go with something Japanese people are likely to purchase
    Yes, perhaps. - So at least put in a bit of that
    if you want to make a living off it
    Then look up what's popular
    And think about the design
    and then, choose a job that isn't manga
    Haha, well, can't say anything there
    Everyone has different reasons for drawing manga
    Some really must go with their personal style
    Some really want to go with their own story
    The risk is higher
    If it doesn't work out, it's tough luck
    But if that's ok with you, then you keep going
    if you must make a living off manga
    it's better to do your research, see what's popular and go from there
    Western and Japanese styles are different...
    but if there's a story we want to tell
    Could we work with a Japanese manga artist?
    I've not really heard of people doing it that way
    Even if there were
    There's the national characteristics
    Like, the living culture of the people
    National character is deeply ingrained
    Even if you have a kind of story to tell
    it's possible that some nuances can't be changed
    or even if listening to the story of the author
    It's likely that it'll get changed for Japanese taste
    Whether it can be told accurately, is tough
    So, a story that Japanese people will understand
    rather, a story Japanese people can sympathize with
    Story is also...
    haha, "Story is also..."
    Story is 'also' important
    Story is indeed, important isn't it?
    yes, though if you do a hero story
    to an extent Japanese can sympathize with that
    like in Marvel
    But there are also worldwide hits that didn't work in Japan
    So there's a difference there
    This really is my personal hobby
    but I watch a lot of Street Fighter
    There's a guy called Tokido
    and a guy called Daigo Umehara
    They battled
    in the end, one of them lost
    and it was a serious shock for him
    Everyone's comments were...
    Anime is real
    Indeed, I thought,
    In Japan, it can be difficult even if you win
    it's such a Japanese style story
    it's what Japan gave the world
    What Japan gave us?
    Yes of course
    I had no idea
    So, for people beginning now
    Those who want to make their own manga
    and then get published
    Then use twitter
    you can get popular yourself
    There is such a path
    It's definitely possible
    Which is better, twitter or Instagram?
    Japan is probably twitter
    It seems Instagram is bigger in the west
    Or so I heard - yea it seems
    If you're not aiming only for Japan, then put it on instagram too
    In the west, we have Deviant Art
    It's like Pixiv
    Manga on Pixiv
    doesn't have so many views does it?
    compared to Twitter
    How much are people checking Pixiv type sites?
    it's not as powerful as twitter
    but for illustration work
    when people hire illustrators they look at pixiv
    I've heard they do
    More than Manga
    so, I guess manga is twitter then
    In Japan yes
    What about LINE?
    Can you share on LINE?
    Like, on your homepage?
    If you can't, only friends see it
    It's friends only
    well, for my manga...
    Even friends won't read it.
    It's common in America
    for characters like Batman to die
    but it's bad for business
    and so he comes back to life
    it's common
    it's less common in Japan right?
    It does sometimes happen in Japan
    like in "blank-blank-juku"
    they died, then appeared in the sky
    But then later they swoop in and save the day
    But with character death
    it really moves people
    but, if they come back it's like 'oh, they're not dead?'
    if that repeats
    people get fed up
    in America, we don't get tired of characters
    many people's dreams is to finally write batman stories
    even if it takes 20 years
    They feel "Finally, I am writing Batman's story"
    Japanese creators want to give birth to their own characters right?
    well, yea
    There are people who also want to revive old characters
    but, in the end...
    It's like you'll never really beat the original
    So in the end
    You're grateful they created this world for you
    and maybe it's not all mangaka who think this but...
    One want to ride their own story
    and get to the top that way
    As I thought...ANIME IS REAL
    Anime is real folks!
    So...there we have it
    If you wanna be a mangaka
    There are so many roads
    yes there are
    So you should all draw manga
    show us characters we haven't seen
    draw them please - we're waiting
    Are you taking submissions?
    Nope, you upload it twitter. I'll read it for free
    Ah, that's good
    That's not good
    Th..thank you!
    oh, thank you
    ending so suddenly
    Yes - yes
    It's like that
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