How to get started with Dynamics 365 for Talent

How to get started with Dynamics 365 for Talent
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    Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
    Talent includes features that can help you manage benefits compensation training and
    really the overall administration of your organization's workforce so let's get started.
    When you open Dynamics 365 for Talent you will see a dashboard that contains tiles for the
    functional areas of the product that you have access to in the core human resources area.
    Each of the tiles on the dashboard
    organizes information
    and lets you efficiently open the pages and forms that you'll use to manage that area of your business.
    Workspaces contain embedded power BI reports, lists of information, as well as tiles that contain statistical information
    and links to forms that are used to complete the work for that area.
    Moving back to the dashboard you'll see down the left side of the dashboard a row of icons on the navigation bar
    that offer another way to quickly access work spaces.
    You can hover over the icons to see the name of the workspace that they open, or you can expand the entire list
    and see all the names, and then close it again to save screen real estate if you need to.
    The navigation bar is available everywhere in the product so the features and functions that you need are never more than a few clicks away.
    Now let's take a deeper look at one of the workspaces.
    The People workspace, or the People hub, is a focal point for finding and connecting with members of your organization.
    As with other areas of the product we're always working to refine this workspace on an ongoing basis so
    depending on when you watch this some details may appear differently,
    or more capability might be available than is shown in this presentation.
    A list of your organization's workers runs down the left side of the People hub.
    Click on a worker's name to display information for the worker.
    If you're looking for someone and don't see them listed in this list you can use the
    search function to quickly display their information.
    If the person is a people manager with direct reports the number of direct reports is displayed to the right of their name
    and you can click that number to expand list of their organization.
    At the top of the People hub page for each employee
    their title, the department they work in and other employment information is displayed at the top.
    Cards also are included in the workspace page and those display things like personal information
    their identification numbers, and other information that's appropriate for their role.
    Human resources staff can see more information than a person's colleagues or peers.
    There controls on each of the cards that allow human resources staff to manage the information for each of the employees
    such as opening the Worker form with a single click.
    A control in the action pane strip allows human resources staff to complete additional actions actions, such as assigning a worker to a
    a position, changing their position, enrolling them and benefits and there's other things, as well.
    To move back to the dashboard simply click the Talent selection in the toolbar,
    or you can use your browser's Back button or you can use the Home button
    or icon in the navigation pane.
    That completes this brief look at the basics for using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
    The concepts demonstrated in this video can be used throughout Talent to open workspaces and pages
    and to find information about people that you need to be successful in your role.
    Thanks for watching!
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