How to Get Underneath Your Mower Deck Easier

How to Get Underneath Your Mower Deck Easier
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    I'm Aaron Graber with Ventrac.
    In this video we're going to highlight the importance of the hydraulic flip-up kit for
    finish mowers and show you the process of using it.
    It's a major advantage to be able to flip up the finish mower so you can service it
    or clean it frequently.
    It also makes the process quicker of changing blades, sharpening blades.
    You can also store or transport the mower deck in the service position.
    Which gives you more space on a trailer or in a storage facility.
    First, make sure the deck is in the lowest cut height position.
    Then, raise the hood, pull three pins, and release the belt tension
    and lower the hood.
    Now you're ready to flip the deck up.
    Start the tractor, raise the hitch arms with the front lever then flip the deck with the
    rear lever.
    Be sure to replace the safety pins back underneath the deck lid.
    Thanks for watching this video on the hydraulic deck lift kit.
    For more information, visit our website at or visit a dealer near you.
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