How To install Kodi 2018 🔥 on a Smart TV in 3 Seconds With Kodi Best Build 🔥 TCL 4K Smart TV

How To install Kodi 2018 🔥 on a Smart TV in 3 Seconds With Kodi Best Build 🔥 TCL 4K Smart TV
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    I've been fucking hosing poppin Pili's, man. I feel just like a rockstar
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    Hello everyone, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video
    This video is special guys. I want to thank you I
    want to thank who's liking my videos and sharing with your friends and
    Community to grow more and more every day
    and they want to say thank you and thanks from the bottom of my heart and
    Today I got a new TV the TCL
    It's a French brand so you can install Kodi on it in your Smart TV
    I'm gonna show you how to do that how to install Kodi in your Smart TV if you have a smart TV and
    You're confused
    And you have problems how to get cody and how to choose the best build
    for kodi and your Smart TV
    It's a TCL smart TV 40 43 inch you can get and play games on it and enjoy your time
    So follow me guys. I'm gonna show you how to do that
    So here guys you got the homepage of the TCL
    Smart TV
    so if you get
    If you want to get your Kodi so here we got
    Iflix you got navigator you got youtube you got go live you got Gallery you got tea cards
    So here go to all apps
    Click on it
    You guys go to your App Store?
    You've got a great app store you can get all your things
    Promised so here in the top go to search
    And save kodi
    And you guys can search here
    As you can see right there you got your kodi XBMC
    So it's for free. I have this system in french
    Download so the download is starting now
    Wait until the download is done and then run your coding
    I'm gonna back after the download this guy is done then within a review and we're gonna see
    What you install encoding?
    So downloading Cody click on run as you can see right there
    So this is the remote control?
    As you can see of the TCL
    It's a great rainbow control curve
    So click there on run as you can see click on it, then Cody is gonna run in your device
    So you guys as you can see kodi, Oh Cody is working without any problem you can get
    Cody crapped on
    I'm going to show you how after how to get Cody crapped on in your device?
    When your smart TV for sure so here you can install any add-on to watch
    the working TV shows or things
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