How to Live in this World to Achieve Spiritual Perfection! | Spiritual Teachings In Short|KrsnaKnows

How to Live in this World to Achieve Spiritual Perfection! | Spiritual Teachings In Short|KrsnaKnows
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    Krsna is talking about
    how spiritually perfect people should live in this world.
    First, this
    human form is very important. Be thankful you got a human form.
    opportunity to overcome
    everything has been given to you. Use the opportunity.
    Use the knowledge that is there.
    Do devotional service to me.
    Look at everybody around you as my extension;
    that is Krsna's extension. Say that
    and love everything. Be nice and kind
    and compassionate to every human being.
    Even if you are Sattva, you know, Tamo Guna
    and Rajo Guna, try to become a
    Sattvic person. Be nice. Be kind.
    Be your good self.
    Don't have to fall down all the time.
    If you have an angry nature, control it.
    If you cannot, you know, if you know your
    mouth is foul mouth, keep it shut.
    Put a big tape over there. That is what you got to do.
    So this is what Krsna is saying.
    You can definitely rise and stay away
    from all these addictions. Because every object is going to
    tempt you. Stay away from them.
    If you cannot stay away from them, avoid them.
    Circumvent them and go away from there.
    Do not get entangled in them.
    So when you do this, then
    you will be overcoming the nature and then
    what will happen? You will simply understand everything is unreal
    in this world.
    It's Maya's creation. You will stay away
    from Maya's creation and then you will be
    devoted to Me.
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