How to make delicious Cantuccini - the Italian way!

How to make delicious Cantuccini - the Italian way!
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    Hello! Welcome to Leonor's Sweet Creations!
    Today we have a Lisa here.
    Hi Elisa!
    And she has been here in my channel before
    showing us how to make Limoncello
    which you can check here on another video of mine
    And today she is here to show us
    How to make these delicious Cantuccini.
    You will need: 200g sugar,
    250g flour, 2 eggs
    125g almonds,
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp vanillin , 1tsp orange peel
    First, we'll roast the almond
    in the oven under 180° C for 10 minutes.
    Now we have to mix all ingredients together
    and knead them.
    If it get's too sticky,
    add some flour
    and keep on kneading it.
    Now, we cut the dough in 6 equal pieces.
    And we roll each piece into a long log.
    Now, place those logs
    on a baking tray covered with baking paper
    and bake them in the oven
    under 180° C for half an hour.
    After half an hour,
    let the logs cool down a bit.
    And then,
    cut them in more or less 2cm thick slices.
    Place those cookies
    on the baking tray again
    and bake them again
    for 10 more minutes under 180° C.
    Our Cantuccinis are ready
    and very delicious.
    I hope you've enjoyed the video
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    And I hope to see you next week again!
    Bye bye!
    (Let's try another one!)
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