How To Make Fish and Chips like an Arsenal Fan (Fan Food Fare)

How To Make Fish and Chips like an Arsenal Fan (Fan Food Fare)
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    look at his step back looking like James Harden on a pull-up three trying to get
    away from hot oil defenders can we get a replay saucy absolutely saucy this lad
    should have wanted to league welcome back to everybody to triple FS fan Pooh Bear
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    I'm your host art turner and we have another beautiful day on the burna
    wonders day indeed we have chef D Arthur the fourth back in the arena today
    trying to prove his mettle once again can he get it done we shall see it's
    about time to see what dish will be preparing today how it goes on triple
    well the earth will raise his choice of European Football Club attire indicating
    the country the dish will originate from and he will wear it while he cooks I
    think he's ready for the reveal let's see what he'll be wearing today Arsenal
    the Gunners its England roof it's looking like the earth will be cooking a
    dish from our neighbors across the pond Arsenal is one of six Premier League
    teams located in London I'm interested to see what he brings out today he is
    set and ready to go let's look at the ingredient lineup to see what he'll be
    cooking today we have lemons vinegar and spices flour vegetable oil tartar sauce
    fish I would assume the fish is Cod Newcastle Brown Ale and potatoes Yukon
    goal to be exact well if you ask me I think this lad
    would be making fish and chips a classic traditional dish from England so simple
    anyone can make it but so complex that you only love your mum's version the
    Arthur starts by preheating the oven to 450 getting the pan boiled up attacking
    the potatoes first I see cutting the large golden tubers russet potatoes are
    the most common choice for fries but Yukon Golds aren't a bad option
    give him the fry a slightly sweeter tinge plus the brown on Gold's are
    marvelous Oh what do we have here Wow look Wow look at the cut choice on the
    potatoes cutting them an actual chip form many thought that was just a myth
    but the term for the style of potato is called cottage fries
    on the fact that they look like shingles off a cottage roof how fitting for an
    English meal he is definitely in it for the long haul with the fish and chips
    today adding black and cayenne pepper to the bowl of chips with the chili powder
    for kick drizzling the oil so the potatoes will be crispy once cooked look
    at the wrist action evenly distributing the spices on all the fries can we get a
    slow-mo spending them on a sheet extra points for him if he's able to get all
    the fries on one pan it's like a puzzle I tell you look at that spice
    distribution great start on the burner today for Dee Arthur let's see if you
    can keep it up now going to the oven 15 minutes at first then he'll flip them as
    needed for a preferred doneness as for the rest of the ingredients adding flour
    and spice and everything nice into the bowl
    and buy everything nice I mean the eight ounces of Newcastle Brown Ale he is
    using as you see him taking a swig or two looking like he's gearing up for a
    beer batter for his Cod the Arthur is really trying to keep authenticity today
    with the Newcastle Brown Ale a well balanced reddish brown beer will sweet
    caramel and coffee notes and a dry nutty character you should definitely taste
    that within the bread in the batter is a wee bit runny for me so I don't think
    he'll go back and add a little bit more flour to thicken it up before he chills
    it in the fridge for 30 minutes the arthur is now attacking the fish as I
    said before cod is the traditional fish used but any white flesh fish works well
    with frying like to lappa whiting trout very small but very important step
    make sure your fish is dry bone dry you don't want to blow up your house with
    oil popping all over the place now he's salting up the fish and now cutting the
    fish into smaller bits the size of his cuts are not terrible
    he could go smaller if he wanted but let's go back to the oven cam the roof
    shingles are almost done time to dredge the fish and flour before applying the
    beer batter flour helps the batter stick to the fish while frying great form on
    the dredge in it you don't want any excess flour forming clumps with the
    fish floured he seems to be taking a pan and filling it with vegetable oil
    warning frying with hot oil is very dangerous doing this and properly could
    lead you to burning something up maybe even your house so be very careful boy
    this lad is doing a shallow fry today for the fish oh boy this is going to get
    interesting I tell you filling the pan with oil halfway the heat finally the
    earthers taking out the beer batter for those who don't have a thermometer
    you'll see that he's putting a drop of batter in the oil to see if it's ready
    if the batter floats it's good to go all right exploding so let's start the show
    this is the dangerous part of the show today hot oil
    hopefully the artha drops in the fillets with care and precision all right
    look at his step back looking like James Harden on a pull-up three trying to get
    away from hot oil defenders can we get a replay saucy absolutely saucy this lad
    should have wanted to leave he will pick the fish for about six to eight ish
    minutes until golden brown flipping the fish side to side for an even browning
    speaking of golden brown let's go over to the oven cam looks like the potatoes
    are finished lovely color looking like a light skinned female
    model my Instagram feed snacks indeed Bea Arthur's sure making a mess today
    the cleanup will be troublesome the first batch is done and looking
    absolutely beautiful he will just finish up the rest of the
    fish now this lad has been on top of his game all day by no means a perfect run
    up and through this point but he's making me believe that his fish and
    chips could possibly stack up to the rest time to assemble he places the fish
    and chips on the plate squeezes lemon over everything then a
    cap of vinegar a choke glass and pour the rest of the Newcastle in smart man
    in it and there you have it Arthur's fish and chips now let's go to
    the taste test and brilliant absolutely brilliant stunning great performance on
    the burner today I am art Turner this is fan food bear sponsored by data
    productions scheme your dreams everyone subscribe for more
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