How to Make Stress Busting Sparkly Slime | ALB in Wonderland

How to Make Stress Busting Sparkly Slime | ALB in Wonderland
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    How many nights have I spent at 3 a.m. watching slime videos on the Internet?
    Too many, maybe an embarrassing amount. I mean I think that half of the
    views on all of those videos are me watching them.
    Hi everybody, I'm ALB
    and today I'm gonna be showing you how to make your very own glitter slime. I love
    watching slime videos they're mesmerizing and relaxing to watch, but
    more importantly they're fun to make and it's really, really not that hard. You can
    make your own. Here's what you're gonna need today:
    Some food colouring,
    glitter in colour of your choice, an airtight container, contact lens solution,
    baking soda, 2 cups of clear school glue, a mixing spoon and three glass bowls.
    Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is take our big mixing bowl, mixing spoon
    and pour all of the 2 cups of school glue right into the bowl.
    Once I've got all the glue in my bowl, I'm gonna take just a dash of baking soda.
    You're gonna need about anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 of a bottle of contact solution.
    In general, there isn't an exact measurement for how much contact solution to how much glue.
    What I like to do is take 3 to 4 drops of contact solution, add it to my
    mixture mix it in really well and just keep doing that until it's the
    consistency you want. Slime is sticky, but it doesn't stick to your fingers, like
    you can peel it off your fingers. If it's got too much contact lens solution, it's
    not gonna be sticky at all and it's actually gonna snap in half, and it's not
    very fun to play with it all. So I'm just gonna add a little more contact solution,
    a couple more drops.
    So once your slime is the right consistency, now I'm gonna add some food
    colouring and sparkles. I just use regular old food colouring for this and couple dots...
    Now, the thing about slime when you use clear glue, it's gonna turn white
    like this. It's not gonna stay white, it's just because of all the bubbles from
    mixing it together. When you let the slime settle in a container, all the
    bubbles will rise to the top and it'll be clear slime. I love this colour.
    Mixing it really well and I'm also going to add some sparkles. Let's put a whole bunch of
    gold in there.
    If you're not into sparkles, you can just add food colouring
    and be done with it, but why not add sparkles?
    And when you're really happy
    with it, you can go ahead and add it to a container. Now, I have these regular old
    airtight containers but they weren't quite special enough, especially if you
    want to give slime as a gift to someone special. What I like to do is customize.
    What I did with these containers is just tape off the bottom with painters tape
    and take the lid off, and then I spray painted the bottom and the lid with
    this really nice metallic gold colour and, I don't know, it just like looks so much
    more special than something like this!
    Add some slime.
    I feel a bit like a mad scientist doing this. It looks very delicious, don't eat
    it though. There we go.
    And I'm just gonna put the lid on this.
    That looks so cute!
    It's such a nice way to store your slime or to give it as a gift, because it just
    makes it look all the more special and unique, and you can make these in lots of
    different colours and variations with different sparkles and food colouring I
    have made a whole bunch of these. So why not give it a try? Make your own slime
    and possibly give it as a gift to to someone you really like. For the full
    tutorial list, head on over to See you soon!
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