How to Mobile Stream Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

How to Mobile Stream Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
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    Looking to stream your mobile fortnight or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to your
    Twitch Mixer or YouTube account in this video right here I'm gonna show you how
    to do it perfectly and for free coming at you right now!
    Hey it's me it's Wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips
    and tricks and even a little education hack just like this if this is your
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    that fell because I'm doing my best to help you out with all of your streaming
    needs two of the most popular games out there right now our fortnight and PubG
    and a lot of people have been asking me since I do a lot of mobile stream
    reviews and tutorials how do you stream one or both of these games to twitch
    mixer YouTube well you're lucky cuz I'm finally gonna show you how to do that
    just to let you know you still will need to use a desktop and a few other devices
    to make this work unfortunately there is no application out there on a mobile
    device that'll run two functions they won't run a game and it won't run a
    broadcasting software that doesn't exist if you know where it is
    let me know because I'd be very interested and to use it for this video
    to work you're gonna need a few things obviously you're gonna need a mobile
    device whether it be your phone or tablet you're also gonna need the app
    whether it be Fortnight or PubG or whatever game you want so make sure you
    go ahead and download that you're also gonna need a broadcasting software
    whether it be OBS or xsplit or you can even use stream labs there's a bunch of
    different ones out there it'll all work the same for you the last thing that
    you're gonna need you're gonna need a screen mirroring device for your mobile
    device or your tablet device out there one of those software's out there that I
    recommend is lonely screen the reason I recommend it is because it's free to use
    it does have a paid version which is better and there's actually a better
    version out there but it's a little more expensive I'll put all of the links in
    the description below make sure to check it out but for the sake of this tutorial
    right here we're just gonna use lonely screen because it's free it's easy to
    and it'll work for all of your needs out there alright enough of me talking let's
    go over the computer I'm gonna show you how to set it up so that way you can
    start streaming all of your mobile games out there to Twitch Mixer in YouTube
    let's go the first step you'll want to do is download lonely screen go to
    lonely screen comm I will put a link in the description below just to let you
    know lonely screen is only for iPhone and iPad devices if you have Android or
    another type of device you'll want to use the other link that I'll put in the
    description below that is called doctor fone make sure you go there make sure
    you go to the get started or download section you can download the free trial
    that is what I currently use it works fine it's awesome but if you want to pay
    up for the pro version go and click on the personal one
    it works fabulous as one I recommend it if you're gonna do constantly mobile
    games on Twitch Mixer or YouTube when you first launch lonely screen on your
    desktop to get anything to mirror on it all you have to do is go to your iPhone
    swipe up to access the shortcuts to all the tools and there it'll show you
    screen mirroring right there on the access panel click on it it's gonna ask
    you what would you like to Mir to if you have multiple devices that they'll show
    here but we're just looking for lonely screen go ahead and click on that and
    just like that it's gonna mirror automatically to your desktop and there
    you go we're all connected to get back to the home screen just go ahead and
    click the home button on your iPhone or tablet there and you can swipe down to
    pull all that information away if you want a sixteen by nine display just go
    ahead and rotate your phone and you'll see everything snap in and from here
    just go whatever app you want for the sake of the argument of this tutorial
    I've already got fortnight right here I'm just gonna go ahead and launch that
    and get me right into the game and I will be ready to play and there we go
    just like that I'm ready to jump into a game now that we have our game mirrored
    to our desktop we can easily capture and broadcast out to either twitch mixer or
    YouTube all you have to do is just screen cap or monitor grab in your
    broadcasting softer which is very easy to do and just grab that source and plug
    it into your broadcasting software and launch it onto your
    streaming platform and you were off to the races just make sure to take in
    consideration your overlays and everything like that and this is an
    awesome program for being free you know you can't really go wrong with it like I
    said there's a few options out there I will put a link in the description below
    I have no affiliation to any of these companies I just want to show you guys
    how to do this so that what makes it really fun and interesting for you if
    you want to play some mobile games that you want to stream live on your favorite
    streaming service hey hopefully that helped you out just a quick side note if
    you use the free version of lonely screen I have noticed from using it
    myself that sometimes it does crash depending on what application you're
    using to screen a mirror onto your desktop sometimes the application will
    crash now I have known from a few friends that have paid for the upgraded
    version they've never had a crash so if you're really interested in doing this
    you may want to pay for the upgraded versions out there or check out the
    other link below from Doctor Fone if you guys like this video go ahead and give
    it a nice thumbs up and leave a comment below and if you guys know a better way
    of doing this or a different way make sure to let me know because I'm also
    interested and I love to help all of you out there because we're all trying to
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