How to Present to a Live Audience - Non-verbal communication

How to Present to a Live Audience - Non-verbal communication
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    I'm not sure you can let go of nervousness, but you can learn how not to
    show it. We need to be nervous: if we're not nervous, we don't have the adrenaline
    If we don't have the adrenaline, we can't speak with enthusiasm, and I expect
    everybody who's been to a presentation where somebody just talked like this and
    they were not nervous because they knew their subject and the audience was
    glazing as they spoke, so nervousness is important but you must use it as a tool and not as an enemy.
    So I speak now, I'm nervous, I'm being filmed so I'm using my
    body language but I'm using it, I'm not going I'm not letting it freeze me so
    use it to, your body language, to release that nervousness slightly so it is okay
    to move, it's okay to move your arms. Obviously it's not okay to do big
    movements that are distracting but it's all about looking okay and feeling okay
    and making your audience feel okay so that they're ready to receive
    the message
    To interact with the audience which is a very important thing to do you must look
    at your audience. It's, I know it's a scary thing to do and it really doesn't matter
    whether your audience is 5 people or 500 people: it's still scary. You get up
    there and they're there looking at you but you need to look back! It is a
    two-way process. If you don't look at them you don't know if they're listening,
    you don't know if they've understood, you know if they're asleep,
    you don't know anything and you're not talking to them you're just
    reciting something. Looking into your audience is vital.
    If I'm in an audience and I'm considering a good lecture it is somebody who has enthusiasm, speaks
    clearly, looks at the audience, looks as if they are genuinely interested in what
    they have to say, that what they've been working on is interesting and that they
    love it, and that they're looking at me for my reaction. The most
    important thing is that you feel comfortable again in what you're wearing
    because if you're uncomfortable when you're standing up there and speaking, it
    will show, so wear something you are comfortable in. Now, unfortunately, if this
    means that what you're comfortable in is a tatty t-shirt and jeans with holes in
    that's fine but you have to remember that that may take the audience's
    attention away from what you have to say just as much as if you're wearing a suit
    that's too tight and you look very uncomfortable in it.
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