How To Share files with Your PC to Phones

How To Share files with Your PC to Phones
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    Hello guys today video I will show you how to share a face
    From your computer to your phone or from your phone to your computer
    just go to
    Google Chrome or Opera mini make sure you have internet connection and search shere it
    Scroll down and go to Share it download.
    When you come here. You have to Go free download
    And click on alternative download it will download
    Alternative download when you finish downlaod go to your Android playstore
    Just search
    Shere It
    SHAREit-Transfer & Share
    When you install it
    it will allow you to share files between your computer and
    Android device
    And it's allow you to share any data or file movies films videos
    pictures and anything
    Your each have been finished in soul
    enter shareit
    And then you can see
    You can send and receive fries
    Between your phone so another phone between your pc to another phone that is all
    Thank you for watch
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