How To Talk To YouTube And Get A Response (PART 2)

How To Talk To YouTube And Get A Response (PART 2)
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    What's up, Self Made? Grant Thompson and Kris Krohn. Today in this video, we're
    going to be teaching you what qualifications you need to meet in order
    to qualify for a partner manager and how you can get support if you don't.
    Alright, gang. Let's hit it off. Partner manager. What do you actually need to
    qualify for one of them? We're going to give you some of the stats right from the web
    so you understand right now what it would take to get one. - That's right.
    YouTube is constantly changing what its requirements are so we thought for this
    video today, we're going to walk you through more the process of how to find the
    answers to yourself in case this video isn't relevant a couple years down the
    road but first of all, partner manager.. What do they do?
    Why do you want one? You know, what's the whole purpose of having one? - It
    sounds like from what you shared from the last video, if you didn't watch that
    you need to catch up and get there it's that if your channel has problems or if
    you're growing and having growing pains it's really great to be able to have
    someone that you can reach out to that can help troubleshoot and escalate that
    right up the line to get you the answers that you're looking for. - That's right. Also
    beta programs, when YouTube is testing new programs, often they'll reach out to
    the people that they're partnered with and they'll invite them in. So I've run
    and been part of a number of beta processes on YouTube, they've also put me
    on phone calls where they're asking questions about certain changes they
    want to make to the platform before anybody even knows about them and I'd
    say probably the most important thing is you can get invited out to specific
    events. You know, when you qualify, when you're in different categories, you might
    get particular invitations to be a part of a process. For example, I'll be in New
    York in the next couple of months for the creator summit, the YouTube creator
    sent which is the top 100 creators and that came directly through my partner
    manager. So here's how you can get online and search for what it takes for you to
    gain a partner manager as well. First of all, just log onto Google and just do a
    search for how to get a YouTube partner manager and one of the first links that
    comes up to the top is partner managers, YouTube creators and you can see that's
    actually from YouTube themselves so if we click on that remember, we're kind of
    going top to your hair, this is how to get a partner manager and then we're
    going to reverse engineer if you can't get a partner manager, what can you get below
    that. So you're going to come with this website, if you scroll down, you're going to
    see there's a silver level and up. What does it take to get silver level? If you
    scroll down to the bottom, you're going to see application requirements. You need to
    have a hundred thousand subscribers to even qualify to apply to have a partner
    manager at that level okay and basically what that means is a dedicated person
    who's gonna be helping you with your channel. A partner manager who's
    dedicated to you. Now if you can't get one of those, what else can you do? Now
    this is interesting, scrolling down at the bottom I actually see here the
    signup form for a YouTube partner manager is now closed. - Oh really? - So
    apparently, there's a different application cycle as the next round in
    this case, is going to start back in August 2018 so even if you do qualify, even if
    you do meet the requirements, it's no guarantee that you're going to get a
    partner manager right away, it's quite an application process. Now if you don't
    have a hundred thousand subscribers, that doesn't mean that you can't talk to
    youtube, there are still ways that you can communicate with them and what I
    would suggest doing is going back to Google and just you know, typing in how
    to contact YouTube, you're going to come up with a link that says you can contact
    the YouTube creator support team and if we click on that, you will be able to
    find links that allow you to email career support and possibly even chat
    with them. Once you hit twenty five thousand subscribers right now, it opens
    up the YouTube team where you can chat with them. I think they'll respond to you
    within about one business day over email but anything less than that, you're going to
    have more of a generic email that you're going to submit to and it's kind of hit or
    miss when you're going to hear back from how much support you're really going to get.
    - Well and that's what I experienced when we got to 25,000 and you know, when Nate
    actually spoke with him, again it wasn't really helpful information,
    they were more or less regurgitating advice of how we got to where we got
    like hey, make sure you tell people to subscribe at the end of the video, right.
    I think it's like what you said, I think more importantly, it's if there's a
    problem, I think it's really nice to know that there's someone that can help you
    out as far as getting training on like how to grow a channel or the things to
    say. I think most of that comes through a lot of tertiary other trainings or
    trainings just like this.. - Just like our self made training which you can find
    the link to in the description where we'll actually go into how to build your
    channel. 25,000 subscribers might seem like a daunting number but with the
    right approaches, you can grow a channel very quickly but yes, so a partner
    manager in most cases isn't really going to help you grow your channel, they're just
    there for more the back end stuff, to help put out fires, if something pops up
    with your channel that's abnormal and you need to be a partner and if you're
    not a partner already, you know the requirements have changed, you need a
    thousand subscribers, you know, you need four thousand hours of watched
    and that's every 12 months so even though you qualified last year doesn't
    necessarily mean you qualify this year unless you're constantly growing.
    So hopefully that puts into perspective. A few of things that you need to do to
    qualify and first here's 25,000 where you get access to someone on the creator
    team, a hundred thousand subscribers you get a dedicated partner manager and then
    once you get up in two levels of a million or higher, you're
    going to have a little bit more attention. Within partner support, there are
    different tiers as well, it's kind of like this root structure where you know,
    you'll initially be grabbing the people right at the bottom and eventually
    you'll work your way up closer to the top. - Hey, guys. Thanks so much for watching
    today. Bottom line, partner manager, helpful if you have a problem otherwise,
    if you're really just watching this video because you're looking for more
    training, you're looking for more help, if you're looking for more tips on how to
    grow your channel, make sure that you subscribe here with self mate where we
    can keep bringing you the latest and greatest in the tips that you need.↚
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