How to think when felt pain after "Seitai"(massage) 大宮 整体 痛みが出たからやぶ整体!というわけでもありません

How to think when felt pain after "Seitai"(massage) 大宮 整体 痛みが出たからやぶ整体!というわけでもありません
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    Hi my name is youhei ozaki. Thanks for watch this video. This video talk about how to think when felt pain after "Seitai"(massage).
    The pain is there is two kind. My customer often feel painful when after "Seitai"(massage).
    Because muscle that couldn't move until now is can to move. Many customer can move joint or muscle more than before receive "Seitai"(massage).
    Body be surprised into that movement. For example,someone feel pain by shoulder movement.
    Because shoulder muscle or cell is can't move easily. It is defense reaction of body.
    Your shoulder was safe by you feel pain. But,shoulder movement be better by to the muscle do soft.
    You will feel pain by big change. This pattern is often happened when do soft the shoulder only.
    If you meet that situation,please don't worry. Please relax and spend just few days.
    Your shoulder organization is become familiar little by little. You will get healthy shoulder.
    My almost customer is feel that pain. That is required pain.
    One more pain is thing by strong massage. For example your body become like bruises.
    At simply,pain of bruises part. It is pain when organization was hurt.
    This case is not good,but to doing is same. It is relax and spend. Almost therapist do massage carefully.
    But,suddenly you will feel pain when your body was change. I recommend one things for you. Please move joint little by little after receive "Seitai"(massage).
    And,possible that your joint become better more than last time is high. Please remember it. Thanks for watch this video. See you!
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