HOW TO TIE | RUNNING SINKER RIG| | CoastFishTV Tackle Chat S02E02

HOW TO TIE | RUNNING SINKER RIG| | CoastFishTV Tackle Chat S02E02
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    Hi, I'm Andy from Coastfish TV
    Today I just want to tell you about a rig that
    I learned a long time ago
    and it's a really basic rig
    it's just called the 'Running Sinker Rig'
    and it's one that I've used for a long time
    and it's always reliable
    If you've just started fishing
    this is the one to use
    just to get you started, you'll catch plenty on it
    Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Jew, Snapper
    you name it
    it works
    So before I do
    I just wanna say a big thanks
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    awesome episodes
    Well, here's our rig
    First thing
    is we've got our leader
    or our trace line
    and then you've got your hook here
    so all we're gonna do is attach that
    and in one of the other videos
    I've shown you exactly how to do that
    it's really, really simple
    line around
    twist it through about five or six times
    simple as that
    Always wet your line
    don't forget to wet it
    coz heat and line, well they don't go well together
    So that's how quick it is
    only takes a few seconds
    and then we just trim the end
    and now we're gonna attach the trace
    to this swivel
    and what I like to use is a uni knot
    now I've used this for a long time
    and I personally reckon it's probably
    one of the strongest knots you can use
    here we go
    uni knot, really simple
    just put it straigh through your swivel
    turn it around on itself
    three to four times. We'll just do three in this case
    look at that
    strong as
    make sure you wet that line
    there we go
    so that's tied and we'll get our clippers
    clip her up like that
    there you go that's the uni line attachment I like to use
    with tracers to swivels
    we throw this on the main line
    we simply slide a sinker down onto the main line
    this goes onto the rod
    and then once we've done that we just attach this
    the trace line to the main line
    and we do exactly the same thing
    it's just a uni knot
    here we go
    uni knot goes on
    go through three times in this case
    wet her up
    give her a clip
    and we're ready to go
    before I go
    just a quick reminded to head down to the description
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    hopefully we can get there in the end
    I really appreciate your support
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    we'll catch you next time
    I'm Andy from CoastFishTV
    see ya later
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