How to Track YouTube Video Views on Your Website with Google Tag Manager

How to Track YouTube Video Views on Your Website with Google Tag Manager
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    okay now in this video we're going to be able to track the video views from or
    YouTube video views on our website so we're going to set up a couple of things
    and then we will go ahead and create the tag so we're going to go here to
    variables and we are going to configure and then scroll down down where we see
    videos and we're going to make sure that we have all these checks okay so we did
    that so let's close out of here and let me just make sure I don't know I didn't
    see a Save button so I just want to make sure okay that's all checked all right
    so now we have our variables and we're gonna do a trigger and create a new one
    and let's just name this one YouTube views trigger sure let's go that and now
    we're going to configure it and we want to go down where it says YouTube video
    we can track the start the complete the pause seeking buffering and of course
    the progress is always important to me so I'm going to do some do 10% which I
    typically don't do with videos it's important for me to know how engaged
    they are so 25% let's go with 50% 75% and of course we're going to do a
    hundred and of course because we have complete that's already going to give us
    that information but we'll still put 100 now you may want to do a time threshold
    I want to know of each video that I create how much they're watching when
    it's embedded onto my website now I'm able to see that information on YouTube
    but this is a way that you can actually get this information on your website so
    go ahead and click this I can go on to this long technical reason as to why but
    I won't do that and I'm going to do this on a whole videos and we're going to
    save it okay so now that that's a we got our variables down we got our triggers
    down now let's create the new trigger alright so I'm going to put this as
    YouTube views and we're going to of course you
    personal analytics and so now we're going to create an event and categories
    will put video views
    so now we're going to check action and you can put this whatever you want to be
    your action for me I want to know for action I feel like I want to know I want
    to know the video status and for label I want to put the title of the video video
    title and for the value I want to have percentage and you can kind of mix this
    around the way you like this is just actually what I am going to choose video
    percentage so we're going to hit this to true and then all pay treat
    okay now we're going to click trigger which is that YouTube trigger we already
    created click that we are going to alright now we're going to hit save
    alright so now we're going to go to preview mode
    and we're going to head over to the website let me reload that in preview
    mode and we're going to page on my website that has a YouTube video so tags
    fired on this page tags not fired on this page of course a timer they learn
    more button which is an honest page and the YouTube views so let me click that
    first instead of in McCann here and I should have muted it because it's all
    loud and doing the most ok so now we're going to see tags fired on this page
    YouTube views it was fired two times which you can see right here and in your
    Google Analytics which will show in the next couple videos of how to analyze
    this information so of course I started it which fired it and then I paused it
    so that fired it as well so now this is how you will track YouTube view YouTube
    views views on your website
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