How to use and customize Control Center on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

How to use and customize Control Center on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support
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    Want quicker access to the controls you use most?
    Here's how to use and customize Control Center.
    To open Control Center,
    swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.
    Or, if you're using an iPhone X,
    swipe from the top right corner of your screen.
    Then tap a control to turn it on or off.
    Press deeply or touch and hold
    to access more features like setting a timer.
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    Tap outside the control to return to Control Center.
    Now let's press deeply on the Network Settings card.
    Here, you can turn even more features on or off
    like AirDrop or Personal Hotspot.
    If you tap AirDrop, you can turn the feature on or off
    and also select who is able to send you photos,
    videos, documents, and more.
    Now, let's go to Settings to add or remove controls.
    Go back to your home screen.
    Tap settings, then tap Control Center.
    Next, tap Customize Controls.
    And scroll to add things like your Apple TV Remote
    or Magnifier.

    To remove a control,
    just tap the red Delete icon, then tap Remove.
    To rearrange your controls,
    touch and drag the icon to the right of the control.
    Now go back to Control Center
    and give your new controls a try.
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