How To Wash Your Car Without A Garage! - No Hose Waterless Car Wash - Chemical Guys

How To Wash Your Car Without A Garage! - No Hose Waterless Car Wash - Chemical Guys
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    What's up guys?
    We're coming to you from outside of the Detail Garage because we decided it's a nice day,
    we are going to head outside and also, one of our guys was telling us he hasn't had time
    to wash his car.
    He lives in an apartment like a lot of you guys do and he doesn't have access to a hose
    or running water or anything like that, so we are going to show you easiest way to keep
    your car looking its best using Swift Wipe.
    Now, this car is a 2013 Hyundai Sonata.
    It's black and as you can see, it's covered in dirt, bird droppings, leaves... pollen
    is a big issue here right now, and it's got a lot of brake dust.
    But this product is going to take care of all that on any surface on any color car.
    All you have to do is simply spray it on the surface.
    You don't have it give it time to haze or emulsify.
    It's simply spray and wipe off and it safely removes any kind of dirt, bird droppings.
    Buff away any excess to a high shine and it's going to leave behind a nice protective layer
    of sealant.
    So, even though the car sits outside, it's still going to have some layer of protection
    to help dirt, pollen, and anything else from sticking to the paint and actually etching
    it because, if you didn't know, bird droppings are super acidic and they will damage your
    clear coat which requires polishing and in some cases it gets so bad that it actually
    needs to get repainted.
    As you can hear, we're outside, it's kind of noisy, so we are going to try to get through
    this as smooth as possible.
    Working our way over here, you can see that there is a lot of dirt and water spots on
    the door here, but again, simply spray it on the surface
    and then taking a clean microfiber
    towel that we folded up in fours, the four fold method ensures that we have a fresh side
    to keep rotating to and also makes sure that we're not having too much pressure on the
    I'm wiping in straight, linear motions.
    You can see all that nasty dirt.
    Spray a little bit more for extra lubrication.
    I'll just keep wiping off.
    I'm also rolling the towel which creates a fresh edge, this way we are not grinding that
    dirt or anything else that is abrasive into the paintwork.
    There we have a small 50/50 difference to show you guys how the car looked this morning
    and how it looks after a simple wipe down.
    It's clean and protected which is going to make it look its best, but also, it's going
    to add longevity to that paintwork.
    Now, since this towel has gotten sufficiently dirty, I'm not going to use it on the rest
    of the vehicle anymore.
    You can also clean your wheels as I mentioned.
    This wheel has a lot of brake dust and road debris so you simply spray it on the rim.
    We'll give it a chance to penetrate and loosen up some of those more abrasive particles of
    brake dust because its super corrosive and if you leave it on the surface, it's going
    to start pitting and deteriorating the surface.
    I don't know if you guys have seen it, but a lot of cars that have a lot of brake dust,
    it will eventually ruin the clear coat on the wheels or give it a nice brown effect
    which basically ruins the whole overall look.
    With Swift Wipe, you can clean it up and protect it in one easy step.
    Wow, Swift Wipe really does an amazing job on any surface of your vehicle.
    So, if you guys live in an apartment or just don't have access to running water, it's a
    great idea to keep one these in your car.
    This way you can do quick touch ups anywhere you go and keep your car looking its best.
    I'm going to finish this car up and in the mean time, you guys can head over to our website and check out these products for yourself.
    If you like this car or have a car just like it, be sure to give it thumbs up and we will
    see you right here in the Detail Garage.
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