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I Learned How To Get The Trendy Glossier Look | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29
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    These dehydrate your skin because all the moisture from your skin gets sucked into the
    juice of this.
    Are you joking?
    Hey guys this is Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty With Mi.
    As a beauty writer, I get a lot of questions about hair and makeup, and the most commonly
    asked question is about Glossier.
    The Glossier skin, or that Glossier skin effect.
    What you see in the ads and the Instagrams of the beautiful models with the amazing skin
    and the really high cheekbones,
    has always felt a little out of reach to me.
    So I thought I should probably learn.
    And I thought who better to teach me than makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.
    Katie and I have worked together in the past,
    she's actually done my makeup before.
    But she is perfect to teach me how to get Glossier skin because she actually did the
    makeup for a number of Glossier campaigns.
    Like the newest Lidstar campaign, the Haloscope
    campaign, the Body Hero campaign, so I am
    actually going to go to her apartment.
    She is going to teach me the entire step by step process.
    I'm going to attempt to do it myself later this week,
    and you guys are coming with me.
    So I will see you there.
    So good to see you!
    I missed you.
    Come in, I missed you, it's been so long.
    So I am finally here with Katie Jane Hughes.
    I tried to gussy myself up in a way that looks
    like I maybe could belong on their Instagram.
    I mean, I think you did it.
    So before we get started, as per usual,
    please hit subscribe down below.
    Beauty With Mi comes out every Monday at 11am,
    and without further ado, should we start?
    So first things first.
    I am going to use Glossier solution.
    It gets rid of dead skin.
    It helps even out excess oil production on the skin,
    that kind of thing.
    The better that you can get your skin to look
    without makeup on it, the less makeup you going
    to end up using therefore the less makeup
    your going to fight to keep on the face.
    There's more like yourself you're going to look.
    Alright I'm going to cocktail your skincare.
    What that means as to assess the parts of
    your face that you really need to put product.
    This is Caudalie Premier Cru.
    This is one my favorite serums to use.
    I've never used it.
    It's an anti aging serum.
    I going to use about three pumps,
    and I'm just going to put it into the palms of my hands.
    So then I'm going to take Priming Moisturizer Rich,
    probably about that much.
    You kind of focusing the product on the high points of the face.
    Where the highlights are going to be.
    Exactly I'm building the highlighter from the base up.
    The perfecting skin tint is in my opinion toner for the skin.
    So it's kind of almost like a first evening out step.
    Stretch Concealer is one of my favorite concealers in the world.
    I use it with either my finger or a brush, but I'm going to use with a brush,
    I can get into areas.
    Yeah it's soft.
    I'm just going to press it wherever I want a little bit of coverage.
    I'm going to use a teeny bit more coverage.
    I'm going to use Flawless Fusion from Laura.
    I'll just press it around,
    and then just pad it in with my fingertip really gently.
    Now I'm just gonna to use the fairest version of Wowder,
    I'm going to pick some up and
    just gonna roll over any areas that I want to kill the shine.
    Why are you rolling versus brushing?
    Brushing and rubbing can disturb the stuff that you've already done,
    and it can disturb the skin texture,
    and it can also make powder flick everywhere.
    And then we're going to use Cloud Paint.
    Dusk is like my favorite.
    I love Dusk.
    It matches with everything.
    It matches every single thing.
    It really does, and it's like the perfect color.
    And you barely need any product, that's more than enough for both cheeks.
    I'm actually going to do Dusk and Puff.
    Then I'm just gonna have you smile little bit, and just look away, yeah.
    Ok, so I going to go –
    Press it on and then blend the edges,
    so that I can still keep the color.
    Then I am gonna mix together the taupey one and the light reddish one to create a color that's unique.
    You can use your fingers or brush,
    but the part that I'm gonna go into right now
    I'm gonna use a brush I'm using Lily.
    Do you find that sweeping it gives it the most pigment?
    I mean it's like supposed to be a sheer-like tint.
    It's a tint not an eyeshadow, if that makes sense.
    So it's like, I definitely feel that you can –
    The first layer should always be a
    sweep, smooth it through, don't leave any
    like any bit thick and bubbly and then
    you can build it into.
    You should always curl your own eyelashes
    and you should always put your own mascara on,
    because you can always get more push,
    and you can always get more of a lift with your own.
    This is Gen G in Cake.
    I'm just gonna press on just to create like a kind of a look.
    I'm just gonna do a little bit of Boy Brow.
    This is the shade in Blonde.
    Why blonde?
    I'm creating a softer brow.
    My favorite set of makeup ever is highlights always.
    I'm a big fan of highlighter that looks wet in real life as opposed to dry.
    I don't favor powders but I don't dislike them.
    I use them in a specific way but creams are
    my favorite because I think they always just look
    like life is on the skin.
    Okay we're all done.
    I'm shocked at how fast that was.
    I feel like Glossier has such a relatable
    yet at the same time such an aspirational vibe.
    They are a really cool brand but they are also like your girlfriend.
    I'm going to try to do this tomorrow same look.
    Just incase, I wrote it all down for you on a list.
    So wish me luck.
    Good luck.
    Break a leg.
    Thanks doll.
    You're going to be great.
    Bye guys.
    Alright guys so I just did my makeup in the Glossier style following the lovely Katie
    Jane Hughes very careful instructions.
    The eyeshadows were quite sheer and I do feel
    a little naked without more product in my
    eyes, eyeliner and stuff like that.
    But I did manage to build them up.
    I do think I got a good amount of definition out of it.
    Flat brush, way to go.
    That's the way to get pigments out of these.
    So I usually powder my entire face.
    Katie told me just to powder my T-zone, which is not what I usually do.
    But I did it and I actually think I like it,
    I think I used a little more powder than Katie
    would off, just out of sheer habit,
    but it kept the perimeter of my face really nice
    and dewy and lovely.
    I do feel a little naked without my bronzer and my eyeliner and such.
    I'm going to see how it wears throughout the
    day and then tomorrow I might try it again and
    adapt it to include some of the things that make it feel a little bit more me.
    So see you tonight.
    Hey guys, so it is almost 10 p.m.
    So I've been wearing this makeup for almost 12 hours.
    And in terms of the shine I was actually quite
    pleased with how glowy and dewy my skin looked.
    Like at around 3 or 4 p.m. today,
    I caught myself in the mirror and I was like "Oh your skin looks really good."
    Like way glowier than it usually does because
    normally I powder my face to oblivion.
    I think it was a successful run.
    So I'll see you guys tomorrow for Day 3.
    Hey guys so it is Day 3 of the Glossier challenge
    and I have just done my makeup in the same
    style that Katie taught me but added a few
    elements that made it feel a little more like me.
    So the first thing I changed was I added a
    little bit of gel moisturizer to the priming
    rich moisturizer so I used Innisfree Cica Balm.
    I added a little bit more powder just to my T-zone,
    and then I added a touch, a touch
    of bronzer.
    I added a little bit of a coal brown eyeliner to the top of my lash line.
    Winged it out slightly to see if I could get a little bit more definition.
    Instead of using the Cake Generation G lipstick,
    which is that nude,
    I went for Crush.
    Now Crush is this beautiful bright pink shade.
    I do think that you know especially the look
    I did today is one that I would wear over
    and over and over again.
    I really enjoyed it.
    I think that I learned a lot from Katie and
    from this experience that I want adopt into
    my own routine.
    I think it did really push me out of my comfort
    zone and it kind of taught me
    to try something new.
    Please let me know in the comments below
    if they're any other routines you want me to try
    or if there's anything from this routines that you want to adopt into your own.
    I'm very curious and I will see you guys next week. Bye.
    Thanks so much for watching guys,
    let me know what you want me to do next on with
    Beauty With Mi by commenting down below.
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