[INFIELD VLOG] Approaching HOT Colombian Girls & How To Deal With Flaky Girls

[INFIELD VLOG] Approaching HOT Colombian Girls & How To Deal With Flaky Girls
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    Matt: Why are girls so flaky ind Medellin?
    Girl: We are just like that just enjoy it! Matt: I've traveled to over 77 countries total
    42 of which we've done live boot camps or one-on-ones or some sort of live
    training. Columbia has by far the flakiest women I've ever seen.
    Tell me one interesting thing about you
    besides that you have an adorable dog. You're a lawyer?
    So you're really smart. Listen, I have to go that way
    but do you have WhatsApp?
    So what can you do about flakes? Well first of all if you're getting a lot of
    flakes and you're not living in Colombia then your approach might not be solid
    enough, which means maybe you're being direct, you're giving her a compliment
    which gives her value you know it's a nice thing to do, you know you're giving
    her value, she wants to reciprocate and give you value make you feel good right?
    You made her feel good. But you might not be sparking any attraction. It might just
    seem like a friendly interaction, there's no sexual tension, so make your approach
    is more solid and we have plenty of videos and products that teach you
    exactly how to do that including boot camps. Now another option which I learned
    out here if you're getting a lot of flakes or you're just in a culture or
    just some reason a flaky culture is schedule multiple dates on the same day,
    or same evening, you can do it all at the same time but there's a chance they
    might all show up and you're gonna have to know how to handle that which is fine
    if you didn't set it up as an actual date and you set it up more like just
    hanging out, like a group of people are hanging out, that way we're fine but if
    it's more of a setup more like a date, then set it at different times. Now the
    first one if she shows up you and I would wait a little bit try to get the
    vibe from the girl and if it seems, you know, seems like there's a connection
    within a couple minutes, then reschedule the other ones.
    Basically you flake on them. I know it sounds bad, but I mean you got to do what
    you got to do man. Check out my condo here in Columbia, it's
    pretty nice. I love the view.
    he's a lucky guy I'm sure. Well anyways have an awesome day.
    Okay so I totally forgot to kiss her on the cheek, which is kind of crucial in
    Colombia but I'm so used to you know approaching in Asia, which you definitely
    do not do that. So keep in mind if you're in Latin America definitely kiss on the
    cheek when you say goodbye. I'm on a college campus right now and if your
    demographic is women in college around that age, you know, 18 to 22 maybe 24 then
    this by far is your best option. Because they're everywhere. It's what I
    call a target-rich environment. This is what I call a target-rich environment.
    Even though I'm 35 you know if they hardly ever asked like,
    do you go to school here? Or anything like that, you know you can have a
    backpack on you, that can help. You could just say you're interested in some
    classes, or you're just here to meet a friend, or you're just here to walk
    around enjoy the day, it doesn't really matter what you say. Hold on, that girl was
    really cute.
    Wait wait, and I have to go this way I'm recording for YouTube. But anyway hi do
    you have WhatsApp?
    I had a feeling. Okay, ciao! So basically what I did there was I cut out the qualification
    part, I didn't really know anything about her, you know that wasn't like a super
    solid approach by any means, but the friends were starting to walk away, she
    was starting to walk away and I figured what the hell why not go for the phone
    number, it can't hurt. More often than not go for...
    have a longer interaction, get to know her a little bit, have at least a two to
    three-minute interaction where you do do qualification. Here I came here to meet
    some friends I I want to learn Spanish.
    We can practice, but I have to go this way
    do you have Whats App?
    Okay so I met up with some guys here on campus and I asked about
    the whole flaky thing and they said it's probably because the women here for
    whatever reason get more emotionally attached easily, like they're all in. And
    I've noticed that even on first dates the girls would get super jealous if
    they saw me texting another girl or they looked at pictures and saw pictures of
    me and my phone with other girls they would get super jealous.
    I even had a girl one time on a first date I kid you not she was a little
    drunk so this might have something to do with it but she took my phone I thought
    she was just looking at pictures and she started texting another girl that I was
    dating and saying like, f**k you b***h and things like that in Spanish. It was
    pretty bad. So they want to make sure that the guy is really serious and so
    they Flake on him to see if, you know, is he gonna keep trying and you know, that
    to me that makes some sense. So the point is if a woman flakes on you, don't take
    it at face value meaning that she doesn't like you, it could be that she's
    just testing out to see are you really interested in her and she might be
    testing out how are you going to react. But one of the biggest mistakes I see
    guys make when a woman flakes is they they blow it out of proportion, they make
    it this really big deal and then the girl completely loses interest.
    Here's another one esto es muy raro para a TV aqui creo que tu amigo as muy
    hermoso. But tell me something interesting about
    you. My love? Do you like to dance? I have to go but do you have Whats App? Single
    Whats App? Okay. You're not, you're not crazy are you?
    Guys sometimes asked if there's a special text that he can send her that
    will minimize or eliminate flakiness well there are a few that I have in my
    guide "Turn her on through text" that can definitely prevent her from flaking I
    mean of course it's not a hundred percent, but it can help. My favorite is
    very simple. I, and it doesn't necessarily eliminate flakiness, but it will let me
    know if she's gonna flake and it gives me some time to change my plans so
    basically all I do is the day of the date about two hours beforehand I send
    her a text about the date it's either giving her some specific information,
    like where to meet or something like that or telling her hey let's meet at my
    place then we'll drive there or I tell her that I'm running a little bit behind
    I say hey let's move it back to 8:15 if it was supposed to be at 8:00. That'll
    usually give her an opportunity to flake now I know that sounds really stupid
    like why would you want to give her an opportunity to flake because if she
    tells me you know an hour or two before the date that gives me time to schedule
    another date or at least change my plans instead of, you know, getting ready and
    she flakes on the last minute. That, that sucks a lot worse because then I'm
    already getting ready. I'm already out the door maybe I've even
    had times where I've shown up and she's just a complete no-show, and doesn't even
    text, basically just like disappeared off the face of the planet. So I just
    recommend send her some sort of text, a few hours you know an hour to three
    hours before the dates that will give you some indicator whether she is
    planning on showing up or not.
    Wave and say hi to the people! Another great strategy to prevent or minimize flaking
    on dates is to not even go on dates. Instead of dates you go on group
    hangouts, where you invite a bunch of women and possibly guys too
    you know you could fight two or three buddies and like as many girls as you
    want, really. Where we all go out to a bar, or we all go out to a club, or it's a
    house party, even something in the daytime like hiking, or something like
    that. But just some sort of event or activity and you got to make sure the
    girl knows that it's some sort of you know group event you don't want her to
    show up thinking it's a one-on-one date and then there's ten girls there, that's
    not good. So I would actually tell the girl to
    bring her friends, that she can invite some of her her girlfriends to tag along.
    That way she knows kind of what's up. Then in that scenario you're there,
    imagine you have ten girls and maybe it's just you, or maybe you have a buddy
    or two, and you know all these girls like you, maybe you met them during the day
    time, if you want tinder, it's just a nice mix. You don't want to like just pick one
    of them, and hang out with her the whole night you just flirt and hang out with
    all of them, and just have fun with all of them, and when you do this if a few of
    them flake, and don't show up who cares? Because some of them will show up, some
    of them won't, so what? And then basically at the end of the night it could be like
    the last one standing is the one you hang out with and spend the night with,
    or you don't go you don't hook up with any of them but then the second date or
    the second time you see the girl then things are really gonna be on. I mean,
    she's gonna know that she saw that you have all this competition, she saw that
    you have a lot of women in your life, you're pre-selected, and the the second
    date, or the second hang out I should say is gonna be really solid and she's
    probably not going to flake.
    We're on our last date... it's so sad... wait, move your hand,
    throw your hand out of the way. Now even though Colombians are flaky,
    don't let that discourage you from coming here because the women are
    gorgeous my favorite in all of Latin America and
    probably my second favorite in the entire world Russia or Eastern Europe
    being number one. Because there's so many women, so many beautiful women, and most
    of the guys don't approach especially during the daytime that you can still
    get tons and tons of dates here. So this is a pretty interesting bar it has a
    ball pit and I'm pretty sure that I'm stuck. I'm gonna have to get those girls
    behind me to help. Hey can you help me out I'm stuck! Another one that didn't flake. Pretty good this time.
    So here's the deal, you can't necessarily eliminate flakiness 100% and if and when it does
    happen, you do get flaked on, remember don't be emotionally affected by it.
    Son't text her something angry, like what the heck? You know, have some respect or
    something like that. Same thing if a woman is late on a date, instead you know
    you're an awesome guy, nothing's a big deal, you're not emotionally affected by
    little things like that, you have so many cool people and so many women in your
    life. You're a solid man who can control his emotions and everything is just fine
    now, and she does flake on you a few times, I still wouldn't get angry at her
    especially through text, that's just lame. But I would delete her number or at
    least stop trying with her, there's plenty of women out there go meet more
    women, and if you don't know how to do that then check out some of our other
    YouTube videos and they show you exactly how to walk up to women during the
    daytime, spark attraction, and get a phone number. Check those out, and in the
    meantime, leave a comment if you have any other strategies to minimize flakiness
    and I'll see you in the next video. Peace! Girl: So I think it was me, we have our charm. I
    mean just just come over to Columbia and you realize why we are like that.
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