Perfect Rice and Risotto - How to make the perfect side

Perfect Rice and Risotto - How to make the perfect side
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    I'm chef Mike Moses and welcome to my kitchen and in this episode we're going
    to make rice and risotto now I've got all that coming up if you like this
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    new videos right here every weekend okay rice and risotto they're all races
    but they were done differently for example we're going to make a perfect
    rice right now and the way that I do it I don't buy the incident Rice's or
    anything I actually buy jasmine rice in bulk and
    there is a trick to the rice you got to soak it for a little bit so we'll soak
    some rice in water but the important thing is the cooking ratio one part rice
    one and a half parts liquid and for this I'm going to use about six ounces of
    rice and I'm going to use about eight and a half to nine ounces of liquid
    first thing we have to do though is soak the rice and the rice requires to be
    soaked for about thirty minutes in water and the easiest thing to do just take
    your rice pour it in the water give it a little stir with your finger to knock
    all the pieces that float up down and you're ready to go
    thirty minutes later we'll get this on the stove and make some perfect rice in
    less than 10 minutes our rice has been soaking for about a half an hour you'll
    notice that the water gets cloudy that's most of the starch is coming out on the
    stove is turn the temperature too high and add our chicken stock that's right
    chicken stock remember leave
    so I'll put my chicken stock in get that on high and I'll also drain the rice and
    I'll bring the rice over and put it in the pot stir it around make sure that
    the rice is completely covered with the liquid and then you want to cover it now
    this is the secret you cover it and you let it come up to a boil the moment that
    it hits the boiling mark then you want to turn it down to low and let it sit
    for 10 minutes as you can see our rice has started to boil turn that down to
    low while I'm waiting for the paint to dry
    no actually while I'm waiting for the rice to cook if you like what I do here
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    pretty easy and I have a discord channel where we can actually chat one-on-one
    anytime ask any questions it's all for you because of your support turn the
    heat off and now with a fork we'll just see how light and fluffy it is see none
    of the greens are stuck together there's no liquid left since we did this in
    chicken stock we're gonna add a little bit of butter because everything goes
    better with butter and it gives it a nice Sheen probably about a teaspoon of
    butter stir it around and we'll put some on a plate
    as you see the rice breaks apart when you serve it which makes it nice and
    fluffy there's loose kernels and a little bit of pepper just to add some
    color a taste
    mmm rice is done perfectly every individual
    rice is right there and tasty no sticky and as you can tell it it doesn't clump
    up and that's how you make a really nice no stick flavorful rice let's do some
    risotto now okay time now to make the risotto it's
    very important that you have a reason Plus in place for this because once you
    start stirring your risotto you're gonna stir it till the end good 20 minutes
    probably until you get a nice creamy risotto we're going to use a different
    rice it's called our Burrell rice and the big difference is that there's a
    starch in it that's what we want to release we're going to use our borough
    rice one cup of that we're going to use about a liter of beef stock important
    thing we need to heat the beef stock up so that it's almost boiling because you
    don't want to introduce a cold liquid to your risotto why it's cooking and I just
    remembered I need my olive oil so pour this risotto
    we need olive oil but one cup of arborio rice I need some freshly grated Parmesan
    cheese a little bit of butter I almost forgot we want one shallot and I'm going
    to put my beef stock up stove now turn that up to high just to get it to
    boiling and then turn it down a little but I do want a hot beef stock you also
    need a ladle and something to stir it with I use a nice silicon dessert
    spatula life's too short eat dessert first
    all right so that's they're going to turn my temperature on my first pan here
    to high and I'm going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil let that come
    up to temperature all right now we can add our shallot to the oil stir it
    around a little until it gets translucent a couple of seconds now
    we'll add our rice the trick to the rice is that you want to get every green
    coated with the oil which will help release some of the starches and wait
    and listen until you hear the rice start to crack a little bit more tell-tale
    sign little cracks first ladle of beef stock
    and now we start to stir and we keep stirring this risotto for 20 minutes you
    don't want to add your beef stock all at once you add it in little increments of
    a time which draws out more starch in the risotto if you put it all in there
    once it just wouldn't come out good it
    wouldn't be pretty time for another ladle constantly stirring taking the
    rice from the sides moving it in the middle but I can tell when it's time to
    add more stock as when I'm moving the rice into the middle and the pan stays
    dry perfect all right I'm gonna reduce the heat so I don't want it to stick to
    the bottom and at this point I want to add but a tablespoon of fresh grated
    Parmesan cheese
    mix that around and then you want to add of a 1 tablespoon of butter that's what
    gives it the silky shininess the X a little bit of flavor and like everything
    else we must taste make sure the seasoning is correct could use a dash of
    salt pepper and their final stir here and serve up a gorgeous creamy risotto
    on the plate and one little one little touch from the herb garden a little tree
    or sprig of parsley and there you have it
    very nice creamy al dente risotto made with beef stock you can use any kind of
    stock you want beef chicken veal vegetable the trick to it is remember to
    add your stock slowly and keep stirring probably for about 20 minutes I hope you
    enjoy if you like this video please don't forget to give me a thumbs up and
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    information head over to my blog the personal chef dot blog where I post this
    recipe that you can print off thank you very much for watching I look forward to
    helping you cook better eat healthier and shop smarter
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