Refreshing Mocktail Recipe - How To Make Guava & Grape Mocktail - Summer Drink

Refreshing Mocktail Recipe - How To Make Guava & Grape Mocktail - Summer Drink
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    Hello and welcome to 'Rajshri Food'.
    Today we'll be making a summer special refreshing mocktail from guava and black grapes.
    So, first we'll be preparing the fruit pulp.
    For the pulp, we'll take 1 ripe guava which I've chopped into pieces.
    To which we'll add 150 grams of black grapes.
    And 4 tbsp of honey.
    You can add sugar instead of honey if you wish.
    Now, we'll grind it.
    The pulp is ready and now we'll filter it.
    We'll filter a little at a time.
    Filtering would remove the guava seeds and the grape coatings..
    ..and you'll get a clean pulp.
    Add some water by cleaning the blender.
    Our clean pulp is ready.
    Mix the water and pulp nicely and now we'll add the remaining spices.
    1 tsp black salt.
    1/4th tsp salt.
    A small pinch of black pepper.
    1 lemon, squeezed.
    Mix the spices nicely.
    Let me tell you that guava is very rich on vitamin A and vitamin C.
    And black grapes is very high on fibre and potassium.
    This mocktail will make you feel energetic and refreshed.
    Now, we'll add about 1/2 litre of cold water.
    And some ice cubes.
    Mix them well.
    Now, I'll give it a taste.
    So that we can add any ingredient like salt or lemon which is required.
    Perfect, I don't require any changes and now we'll serve it.
    We'll add 2 ice cubes in the glass.
    Now, we'll pour the guava and black grape's mocktail.
    I have a triangular piece of guava topped with salt and red chilly powder.
    We will use this to garnish the glass.
    It look so beautiful even without any colour additives.
    You can serve this as party mocktail or enjoy it in the summers.
    So do like, share and comment and don't forget to subscribe to Rajshri Food.
    See you next time, buhbye.
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