Shingles Vaccine NHS | How To Prevent Shingles | Shingles Virus Information Causes & Symptoms (2018)

Shingles Vaccine NHS | How To Prevent Shingles | Shingles Virus Information Causes & Symptoms (2018)
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    I'm really excited to show you this week's video I've teamed up with Public Health England
    and we timed it to be released on European immunisation week
    our goal for this video is to help explain to everyone the importance of the
    shingles vaccine and hopefully increase its uptake amongst the elderly because
    as we age were at higher risk of getting shingles and after the age of 70 were at
    even higher risk of serious complications so without further ado let's begin the video
    shingles is an interesting one it's caused by a virus called
    varicella-zoster or herpes zoster but you don't actually catch it so
    varicella-zoster is the virus that gives us chickenpox and when we recover from it
    it lives in the nerve roots next to the
    spine at this point it's dormant so it's symptomless and you don't know
    you have it now many years later without any exposure to the virus it can
    suddenly become active and cause the symptoms of shingles so you can't quite
    catch shingles but if you have shingles you can give someone chickenpox
    who's never been exposed to the virus and I hope that made sense "makes perfect sense to me"
    shingles normally affects one side of the body and it stops dead in the middle
    it's usually around your chest, tummy or upper face it often starts with
    feeling generally unwell or having pain for two to three days you then get a red
    rash followed by blisters which scab over after about two to three weeks the
    pain usually lasts about two to four weeks but some people get a really nasty
    nerve pain which we call postherpetic neuralgia or PHN for short and PHN
    effects one in five people who are over 60 and this pain can last for months or
    even years after the rash has completely disappeared there are other
    complications associated with shingles so it can cause skin infections it can
    cause inflammation of the front of the eye which can cause a loss of vision and
    it can also cause weakness of the muscle which is supplied by the affected nerve
    if there's one thing that pharmacists love more than medicines its scientific
    studies and the data on the shingles vaccine is actually really good so I'm
    gonna give you a quick breakdown and I'm gonna write it down for more impact but bear with me
    okay, so since the vaccine was introduced in 2013 it's estimated
    that it was 62% effective against shingles and also between 70-88%
    effective against PHN now that's amazing because PHN is
    probably the most common thing I hear patients complain about who have had
    shingles and here's my last fact which I won't bother writing down between 2013
    to 2016 GP visits for shingles and PHN fell by 35-55%
    respectively in those aged seventy years old
    the good news is that the shingles vaccine has a very good safety record and it only actually needs
    to be done once at any time of the year now if you're 70 or 78 years old then
    you're eligible for the free NHS shingles vaccine but if you missed it
    and you're under 80 then fear not because you may still be able to have it done
    please pause the video on this chart which shows who is eligible for
    the free NHS shingles vaccine between the 1st of April 2018 to the 31st of March 2019
    but despite such positive results the uptake of the vaccine has
    actually reduced since the start of the program the uptake has reduced by 13% in
    those aged 70 years and by 8.4% in those aged 78 years since
    2014 and the final bit of bad news is that over 50,000 cases of shingles
    happen in England and Wales each year in those aged 70 and above and
    approximately 50 cases are fatal
    I encourage everyone who is eligible to
    contact their GP practice and get the shingles vaccine whilst you can because
    it's the best way to avoid the disease and avoid
    long-term complications that can develop from it and if you have any friends or
    family who are 70 or over then please help spread the word share this video to
    them show them this video or even inform them about this video so they can
    hopefully get vaccinated and if you want more information then please read the description below
    our population is ageing and as we get older the risk of
    getting shingles and complications increase so immunisation is the best way
    to protect yourself and remember the World Health Organisation slogan prevent, protect, immunise
    hey guys thanks for watching this week's video make sure to
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