Technique Tuesday Easy way how to use a template + free template

Technique Tuesday Easy way how to use a template + free template
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    hi Gerry here from Gerry's Craft Room and welcome to my channel
    In today's technique video I want to show you an easy way to use a template
    There are different ways to use a template, you can print it on your patterned paper,
    I don't like that because of the lines and the loss of paper and most people don't
    have a big printer so you have to cut up the paper
    I like to work economically and use all the paper if possible
    first I cut out the pattern roughly
    Then I use photo glue, this is non-permanent and repositionable
    just some drops on the back of the template are enough
    I just put some glue in the corners and it's very fluid so you will get some lines
    Now I put the template on the back of the paper so the front stays clean
    For the roof I want to use the other side and because of the straight lines I want to
    line it up against the edge of the paper and I have a trick for that
    Hold it against the light, you can see the edge of the paper as well as the pattern so
    this way you can also choose what piece you would like for the part you are working on
    Now I was filming with one hand and showing you with the other but when you hold it against
    the light you can glue it right away
    And you can see you can still move it a bit around
    I cut of the piece with the pattern so it's not in the way with filming
    but you can cut it straight from the paper
    Then I first like to do the score lines I use a simple ball tool for that
    You score all the striped lines
    If you want to use a die to cut out the circle, you best do that on the other side so the
    pretty side is on the outside
    I do it by hand with a knife and I turn the paper while cutting
    Then I cut out all the cutting lines, I use a knife, you can also use a scissors
    Cut all the lines on the outside so the birdhouse makes a perfect fit
    Then I use my ruler to fold the score lines, I find this an easy way to get a nice fold
    And I burnish all the folds with a bone folder to get nice crips folds, this also makes it
    easier to assemble the birdhouse later on
    Now peel off the template, from the sides to the middle
    and you can use it again if you like
    you can rub of the glue bits that are left on the paper with your fingers
    you can see how it turns into a cute birdhouse
    for the roof if you want to hang the birdhouse
    first put some regular tape in the middle
    put the template back and make a hole
    then some tape on a leftover piece and cut off a strip
    now I use a skewer to make a little loop on the roof and I tape the ends on the inside
    the tape I used on both pieces will make the paper a bit stronger
    easiest way to assemble tape all the pieces that need tape this is easiest when it's
    flat if you use glue you can put that on in steps
    first tape the side of the house together
    then tape on the roof, it easy to get inside the house to press the flaps to the roof
    and then the bottom fold the flaps inwards and gently push it in the house through the
    hole you can press the little flaps with your fingers or a skewer, ball tool, bone folder,
    closed knife whatever is most appealing
    I dressed up the little birdhouses
    and you can find the template for the birdhouse in the description box below
    I hope you like this technique and will give it a try I'd love to hear from you in the comments
    If you like the video give it a thumbs up
    and if you are new here don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I'll see you
    in the next video thanks for watching
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