A growing tea company's Prime Day excitement

A growing tea company's Prime Day excitement
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    (upbeat music)
    - When you smell, when you touch, when you look and you feel
    all that bouquet coming into your senses, that's who we are.
    (upbeat music)
    The pyramid is who we are and we are absolutely nervous,
    but we're excited.
    (upbeat music)
    It's this mixed feeling that you're like, okay, so are we
    bringing enough quantities?
    How do we make it happen?
    We need to scramble and make it happen.
    (upbeat music)
    It's Amazon Prime Day and we're actually expecting it
    to be the biggest single day we've had in the history
    of the company.
    Amazon is an engine of growth for us.
    We have about 240 employees.
    We started actually as a mom and pop type of distribution
    and we realized that if we wanted it to reach more souls,
    we had to go online.
    We've been on Amazon for about five years.
    We've had triple-digit growth, which is remarkable.
    - I just walked into my heaven here, so.
    - We take top one percent of the tea leaves in the world
    and then we bring it to Boston.
    We're looking into opening two more stores,
    potentially New York, Dallas, Miami.
    (upbeat music)
    The expansion goes beyond just a brick and mortar.
    In the pyramid is that space, but the full leaf of tea
    needs to expand and unleash all the bouquet of the blend.
    My mission is actually to educate the consumer about tea
    and the benefits of tea. That's what Amazon
    allowed us to do.
    You see the colors, you see the fruits, you see the way
    it's built together.
    You know that there is a lot of art behind it.
    Tea should never be ordinary.
    (upbeat music)
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