American Ninja Warrior - Barclay Stockett at the Dallas City Finals (Sneak Peek)

American Ninja Warrior - Barclay Stockett at the Dallas City Finals (Sneak Peek)
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    -She's only 5-feet tall.
    These could be a problem.
    -Misses on the first swing.
    But now she's through.
    Barclay not wasting any time.
    She's locked the first pipe in on catch and release.
    -Just look at those arms. She is strong.
    And with her gymnastic background,
    she'll be able to get over to that second pipe.
    -Good! -Relax!
    -Taking some extra swings.
    -Come on! You can do it!
    -Now she's got it.
    -She made it to the Master finals last year.
    She'll need to get past the broken bridge
    to earn a return trip.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    And look at that dismount from the gymnast!
    Many of the kids she coaches are in the crowd tonight.
    Now she faces the bouncing spider.
    -Her height can be a challenge on this.
    You can see that 2-foot gap in the wall.
    She has to really stretch out.
    -But able to work around it.
    Now she's facing this intimidating 7-foot release
    down to the trampoline.
    -It's a long drop. Nice.
    -Whoo! Perfect.
    -And look at that.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    And look at her blowing a kiss to her fans.
    -But now it's the fourth obstacle.
    This is where she fell in qualifying
    when they had the tuning forks here.
    She was so disappointed, but tonight,
    it's the broken bridge, and she wants revenge.
    -She's very light, so she is... Yes!
    -I don't think they moved. Did they even move?
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -So she's guaranteed a spot in Vegas.
    And look, she says, "Take that, balance obstacle."
    -[ Chanting "Barclay" ]
    -Now it's crank it up,
    which has been almost unbeatable for the women.
    -You got this, Barclay!
    -There's Maggi Thorne.
    She's the only woman to get past this.
    She did it last year in Kansas City.
    Can Barclay become the second?
    But these are gonna be long throws
    for the 5-foot-tall Barclay.
    -Oh, look at that. 1, 2, 3.
    -The dynamo!
    -She's not messing around, Matt.
    -[ Speaking indistinctly ]
    -And look at her fly.
    She wanted so much more out of the qualifying rounds.
    She wanted to hit the buzzer.
    Now she gets an opportunity again.
    On the fifth obstacle. Let's go.
    -And Barclay Stockett barely breaking a sweat.
    She is finding her rhythm.
    Tonight could be the night we see the true greatness
    that is Barclay!
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -And she is sucking in the moment.
    -And now the warped wall.
    This is where Mighty Kacy made history,
    was the first woman ever to do it.
    -We know Barclay is capable.
    She made it to the back half last year in San Antonio.
    -Let's go.
    Drive up this brick wall.
    5-feet tall.
    Nearly three times her height.
    -[ Chanting "Beat that wall" ]
    -Nice! -Yes!
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -Flex it, Barclay!
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    And now heading to the final four obstacles,
    starting with the salmon ladder.
    -Kacy Cantanzaro, still the only woman ever
    to finish a finals course.
    Barclay Stockett trying to become the second.
    -Barclay conquered the salmon ladder last year.
    Whoo. Look how strong this looks.
    She's put in a lot of practice time.
    -One more rung.
    -Practice don't make perfect. Practice makes permanent.
    -She's through, but now the big challenge --
    the nail clipper.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -All right. No woman has ever gotten through the nail clipper.
    -We saw Flex Labreck come so close in Cleveland.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    Barclay's stuck and looking to make history.
    -And remember, it's keeping that momentum.
    She's got the grip strength.
    She's got grip strength for days.
    She's been putting in that work.
    Oh, Matt, this is gonna get sketchy.
    Oh, come on.
    -Ooh. She is killing it. She is killing it.
    -The sparkly ninja is shining bright
    deep in the heart of Texas.
    Oh, my! -Oh, no, no, no, no.
    Hang on. Fight for your ever-lovin' life.
    Oh, she's going Kevin Bull on it.
    No, come on. Come on.
    Barclay Stockett comes up just short of history.
    But she's going to Vegas.
    And right now, she's getting mobbed on the sidelines.
    -I'm so proud of you.
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