How Career Changers Can Establish Their New Brand

How Career Changers Can Establish Their New Brand
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    Hey everybody, it's Andy, back for another week to help you build a career you love.
    Today, we've got a great tip for career changers to establish their new brand.
    Now, if you've been following me, you know I talk about career changing a lot, I know
    how difficult it is, so I want to give you a lot of instruction on that.
    And if you haven't caught it, I've talked about how to change careers successfully,
    the first seven steps that I would take to do that, and I've also spent a lot of time
    in one of my live office hours talking on this very subject.
    I'll put those links in the description, so you can check them out later, they give you
    a much better running start.
    But today, I've got a tip to help you get yourself out there as a knowledgeable person
    on this subject matter that you want to turn to make that career pivot.
    Now, in those steps, I talk about when you need to change careers.
    In order to do it effectively, there's going to be a researching phase that you're going
    to go through, and you're going to be getting up to speed, and following leaders, and learning
    and taking schooling or certification training, or studying, however you want to get educated.
    And then, I also talk about a step that you need to take in marketing yourself, everything
    from how to establish your new brand to your resume and all that good stuff.
    Well, one of the things that you can do that does take a little bit of lead time, because
    these things don't necessarily happen overnight for you to establish this new identity for
    yourself, is that I think that ... and what do I always talk about, lets control what
    you can control, and one of the things that you can control is what you put out into this
    So, what I recommend, as a tip, is LinkedIn has a wonderful platform where it allows anybody
    to put a long form post together, kind of like a blog post or an article, or a video,
    or whatever it is that you want to make.
    As you start to learn about your new subject, whatever that is and whatever career you want
    to turn to, I highly recommend that you start writing about it.
    It could be a how to, it could be an editorial or opinion piece, whatever it is that starts
    to get content circulating in this world that you're distributing as the author.
    And why is this so important?
    Well, if you write a post one week, and you start to circulate it on LinkedIn and your
    other social platforms, people will start to take notice, and what's really important
    about that is your network is going to be so vital in being able to help you with your
    career change because you're going to have to rely more heavily on your network to get
    interviews, because the applicant tracking system submissions are not going to be kind
    to you, relative to the other job seekers who actually have the hardcore skills already.
    So, as part of your rebranding effort, it's a great idea to start putting content out
    into the world, and sharing it with your network.
    So, if you write one, one week, and you share it a couple three times a day on LinkedIn,
    and Facebook and Twitter, where've you might be, Instagram, people will start to take notice.
    Write another one the next week, that's two.
    Keep circulating both, and then three and four.
    In eight weeks, you'll have eight articles.
    And what's really neat about this, is not only will your network take notice, but if
    I'm an employer, and you're referred to me or you apply to me directly, and I take a
    look at your LinkedIn profile, one of the things that I'm going to note is that you
    have articles that you've written that are on your platform, and I will see that you
    are writing about this subject, and my inclination is going to be to assume that you're knowledgeable
    on this subject.
    Say, hey look wow, she wrote eight articles on this particular subject matter.
    Now, I'm not going to take the time to go and read them all, but I certainly will take
    notice when I see your LinkedIn profile, that you have a number of these articles that you've
    written about.
    And if nothing else, I appreciate that you've taken the effort and made the effort to really
    be committed to this.
    So, this sends a lot of great messages.
    So, my one tip to help you in your rebranding efforts, is to write about it, use LinkedIn's
    long form platform because it's very easy, and you're going to need to circulate this
    stuff to your network, and I would share it with your network.
    And if you do that, you'll start to accumulate many, many posts, and so when an employer
    ultimately lands on your LinkedIn profile, which most of them will check whenever they
    get your resume submission, they will take note and it will do wonders for helping establish
    some wind at your back as you go in for that interview.
    So, that's my tip.
    If you like it, give me thumbs up.
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    I spend an hour to two hours every week on Thursdays on my YouTube channel, and I hope
    to see you there soon.
    Until next week, have a great one.
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