How Oral Roberts University fueled breakthroughs in student success

How Oral Roberts University fueled breakthroughs in student success
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    Oral Roberts University is now using the student profile
    and the other pieces of the self-service to actually help
    advisors in our student success area.
    Two years ago, the president instituted a office
    called Student Success.
    They really didn't have anything,
    so they're asking for more reports.
    But when we put Banner 9 in the student profile,
    it changed everything.
    Because for the first time ever, faculty
    can see what's the grades of the students, what's
    their degree plan, how have other people helped
    advise that student.
    It's all on one screen.
    It was a major breakthrough.
    In fact, I've sat in a lot of Dean's meetings,
    and I've never seen a meeting as we had when
    we showed that student profile.
    They were excited about finally seeing something
    very visual on one page that would
    help them advise in the pieces they advise,
    but also look at the notes from other advisors
    within the system.
    Oral Roberts University has seen them many process improvement
    areas since we've implemented student profile.
    And it's mainly because now everyone across the university
    is using it.
    If you only have 20% of the people using
    it you're not going to see much process improvement.
    But now that everybody's looking at the same common computer
    screen, they're all able to identify where they can even
    improve retention more.
    So when we hit an all-time high a year
    and a half ago with retention up to 94%, people are saying,
    how do we get better 94% when the average in America is 42%.
    How are we going to get higher?
    It really came from implementing the student profile.
    Everyone looking at it.
    Everybody working at it.
    But more importantly, we can now easily identify
    students who are in trouble and not necessarily pass it
    to the system, but pass it to executives like myself.
    And we were challenged.
    Each executive is going to get three names of students
    who might drop out and call them personally.
    And so we've seen the ability now
    to personalize what we do for students because
    of the new student profile.
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