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Nelson Powell
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    Yeah I grew up on a family farm in eastern North Carolina, and so I came from an agricultural
    background, but I had no intention of being involved in agriculture.
    When I went to NC State I majored in business, and then what I found was that my heart and
    passion was agriculture and business combined.
    The ARE department prepared me in many different ways.
    They gave me specifics that I needed to understand the relevance of economics and business, and
    accounting principles that a lot of different macro classes that I would call them that
    gave me a depth that few other departments, I feel like, could have equipped me for in
    my career.
    The advice that I would give an ABM student would be don't be afraid of change.
    Your life is made of change.
    Get outside of your comfort zone.
    Move forward and progress.
    Take a look inside, and find out what makes you tick.
    It's not money that satisfies at the end of the day.
    Probably the most satisfying thing that I look forward to during the day is able to
    help somebody.
    At the end of the day that's what my end goal is; is to sit down with somebody who's trying
    to feed a hungry world, and know that we made a difference.
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