Student Research: Michael Tritsch

Student Research: Michael Tritsch
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    (gentle drumming music)
    My Woodrow Wilson project is working on the archeology
    at Mut from this season, and hopefully
    a couple more seasons based on funding.
    We found a lot of collapsed mud brick, painted mud brick,
    and my preliminary findings are basically
    they're part of benches from a chapel.
    Which would be very interesting because based on the data
    we have of it, it's from before the Amarna period,
    and right now, there's never been a chapel that early
    found with this style, with benches.
    It is often attributed to personal piety and understanding.
    People having a more personal relationship
    with a god without using the state temples.
    So this would change our concept
    of personal religion in Egypt in the 18th Dynasty,
    if it is indeed what it appears to be.
    (gentle drumming music)
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