What to Do in Picturesque Cambridge

What to Do in Picturesque Cambridge
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    Cambridge, could you imagine a more idyllic university town?
    With its narrow medieval passageways and 801-year-old university
    this small English city it packed with history.
    But Cambridge is embracing the new, its restaurant scene has moving on from pub grub
    And has something exciting, yet still traditional, to offer.
    Welcome to Cambridge.
    Cambridge is less than an hour from London by train.
    And once you've arrived, you're going to want to do what the locals do and get yourself
    a bike.
    Cambridge is considered the cycling capital of the UK - they're everywhere.
    Bike hire shops are peppered around and parking is easy but be warned.
    In 2017 the Cambridge district had one of the highest rates of bike theft in England
    and Wales - so lock it up.
    In the centre of Cambridge is one of the world's most well known and respected Universities.
    Founded in 1208, it's the fourth oldest university in the world
    still teaching.
    One of the jewels in the university's crown is its libraries and this is the big one.
    Cambridge University Library holds around 8 million books, manuscripts, maps and journals
    and it was thought some more salacious material.
    For a long time it was undergraduate folklore that the library tower held a vast stockpile
    of Victorian age pornography.
    But no…
    This year the tower's opened up its secrets and revealed its was used to store books
    and other items thought not good enough for the main building.
    This material is now regarded as an important resource
    One of the best ways to see Cambridge's hidden spots is by boat, or punt, to be exact.
    Punting began in the early 20th century
    And remains the best way to explore the River Cam and it's many bridges - 25 in all.
    This is the Mathematical Bridge. Despite looking curved it's made entirely of straight timber.
    Safely on dry land it's time of a pint.
    This is The Eagle
    It was there 1953 Francis Crick charged in, interrupting lunchtime service, to announce
    that he and James Watson
    had "discovered the secret of life". How DNA carries genetic information.
    I hope someone offered him a drink.
    Keeping with tradition, just a few meters down the road is Chop House.
    This no-nonsense steak restaurant has a classic English menu.
    Try the Sticky Toffee Pudding - if you have room.
    But it not all old England, this is Pint Shop, offering 23-tap craft beer and 100 gin options.
    There are plenty of places to stay in the city but if you want to get some country air,
    just a short drive out of town is Clopton Courtyard
    Here you can rent your own barn, there are six to choose from , and enjoy the quintessentially
    English countryside surrounding.
    Not a bad spot to finish off your day…
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