What's in Store: Limbo Jewelry and Triple Z Threadz

What's in Store: Limbo Jewelry and Triple Z Threadz
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    I think we're doing our part to keep Austin weird.
    We merchandize the store with anything that makes us laugh.
    Our tagline is "Fine embroidered crap."
    We own Limbo Jewelry and Triple Z Threads in Austin, Texas.
    MailChimp has definitely helped us maintain that digital communication with our customers.
    One of our favorite MailChimp features is date based automation.
    It's a great hands-off way to stay engaged with our customers
    and make them feel appreciated.
    We can remind people of anniversaries, tell them happy birthday, send them a coupon.
    Since we have two businesses and two separate brands, we can kind of like customize it
    and the user experience on the website of MailChimp is very, very easy and intuitive.
    Two favorite words: drag, drop.
    MailChimp has been great because it's allowed us to save a lot of very valuable time for the company.
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