Why this Texas institution moved to the cloud

Why this Texas institution moved to the cloud
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    Senior leadership at the University
    is very excited about the agility
    that the cloud offers to the University.
    In the recent years-- probably in the past two years--
    I've seen where during peak performance
    our systems would bog down.
    I would run out of licenses.
    I'd have to call people and say, you need to get off the system.
    Being on the cloud, I'm not going
    to have that issue anymore.
    So we're wanting a system that's going
    to be able to grow with us.
    That's what the leadership team saw
    in moving towards the cloud.
    We anticipate, you know, our students-- our consumers
    of that technology-- being more adaptable
    and wanting quicker results than what we're currently producing,
    and we certainly want to become a 24-by-7 school.
    I think it also is going to provide our institution
    the leverage that it needs to be able to adapt
    and quickly change as the needs around our city change
    regarding higher education.
    We're in a highly competitive, saturated higher ed market
    there, and so being able to leverage and adapt quickly
    is a big draw for us, as well.
    Our senior leadership is known as the president's counsel,
    and my CTO sits on that council.
    Some of the concerns that they expressed
    about moving to the cloud were security-- how secure
    were our systems going to be?
    The cost, obviously, was another factor that they discussed.
    My CTO has very many credentials regarding security,
    and so he put their minds at ease,
    as well as meeting with the cloud team from Ellucian
    and having demonstrations that eased their mind.
    It's critical that we continue to foster that relationship
    with Ellucian.
    I think it's been a wonderful partnership with us.
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