Ethan Swanson at the Indianapolis City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Ethan Swanson at the Indianapolis City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018
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    because Ethan Swanson is flying through this course,
    already about to get through the Spin Hopper.
    And he's got it.
    - Look at the other ninjas down on the sideline.
    Looks like a pep rally.
    - Swanson moves on to take on the Warped Wall,
    and there it is. The wings are flapping.
    14 1/2 feet away from the back half of the course.
    No problem.
    - Can I see it? Can I see it? Yes!
    - Well, Swanson has only gotten stronger
    in the past year.
    He trains with all those great Chicago-area ninjas,
    including Flex Labreck.
    Swanson actually works at her gym.
    Four more obstacles to go, though,
    starting with the Salmon Ladder.
    - All right, power up. Boom.
    This is textbook up the Salmon Ladder.
    - Gets to the top and now reaches over
    to start the Clacker.
    Now with his fast pace, if he can reach Cane Lane,
    he'll be assured a spot in Vegas,
    but you know he'd like to get his first city finals buzzer.
    - Well, he hangs off of skyscrapers
    for his YouTube videos,
    so he's not worried about the Clacker.
    Ooh! One hand slips off.
    Oh, okay, but he hangs on with one hand
    like, "What's up?"
    - But never loses his cool.
    Ethan Swanson is feeling it.
    Going for the long dismount.
    And with that, Ethan Swanson has secured his spot
    in the national finals.
    Now he can go for that buzzer.
    And Swanson taking a bow,
    but now Cane Lane.
    - It sounds like a sweet name, Matt,
    but this is one difficult obstacle.
    - Quick moves out of the swan.
    Look at the aggressive pace here,
    but now facing the really tricky move,
    jumping over to that other rail.
    - Oh, get both hands on that.
    He's got to be aggressive with the transfer.
    - Trying to build up momentum. Got it!
    - Nice. Ooh! - Swanson, two cleats left.
    - I think he's thinking about dismounting.
    - Got to pop it. - He's thinking--oh, nice.
    Get out of there.
    - And he's done it! [cheers and applause]
    The Swan!
    - The last time he was in Indy,
    he made it to the final obstacle, and he failed at it.
    Can he hit that buzzer tonight?
    - And of course he's got to get the wings flapping.
    He needs to get back to business.
    He's got a shot at the fastest finish of the night.
    Trevor West finished in 5 minutes and 48 seconds.
    Swanson can beat that if he gets flying.
    Here we go, got a little over 30 seconds,
    and he is moving.
    - Look at Ethan, 100-pound door,
    get out of my way.
    - Powering up. This Swan has power.
    - Oh, Matt, he's got a lot left in the tank.
    Swanson flying up to the top!
    - His buddy, Dan Polizzi, stalled out on this obstacle,
    but Ethan Swanson is indeed flying.
    - 15 seconds to get the fastest time.
    He's gonna do it!
    - Ethan Swanson, the first time ever in his career
    he's hitting a buzzer in the city finals!
    He's done it!
    [cheers and applause]
    And Ethan Swanson with the fastest time of the night.
    He's earned it.
    This is what it looks like when swans fly.
    - Yes!
    - He was in control from the start,
    got to show off on the Clacker, conquered Cane Lane,
    and then pushed his way to the top
    for the fastest finish of the night.