FIAT Tipo SW - Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

FIAT Tipo SW - Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |
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    FIAT Tipo SW
    Moose test
    The reactions of the Fiat Tipo SW on the Moose Test were not nimble, but they were safe and progressive.
    On the attempt in which we do not know the reactions of the car on this test (the first one, that we do at an entrance speed of 77 km/h),
    the Tipo SW did not manage to complete the manoeuvre without moving cones. Having said that, we did not encounter dangerous reactions.
    The maximum entrance speed at which we managed to pass the test was 70 km/h, which is a low value.
    At 73 km/h we were close to succeed, but we moved one of the cones of the third lane.
    The maximum entrance speed of the 5 door Tipo was 72 km/h and the one of the Tipo Sedan was 76 km/h.
    The main drawback of the Tipo on this test is that the driver needs to work hard over the steering wheel in order to perform the changes of direction on time.
    That is partly because the steering is quite slow.
    On the other hand, the body roll is not big and the ESC always comes into action effectively to help avoid losing control over the car.
    At a higher speed (75 km/h), the car still reacted progressively, but we would have liked
    a more intense action of the ESC to help reduce the speed to a bigger extent during the test.
    However, the driver always remained in total control of the vehicle.
    The Tipo SW felt better on the slalom than it did on the Moose test. The steering is fast enough to perform the swerves with little effort.
    The effectiveness and subtlety of the ESC enable the driver to complete the test with greater agility.
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