International study at Loughborough - a student's experience in France

International study at Loughborough - a student's experience in France
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    My name is Issa,
    and I study Chemical Engineering, in my fourth year now.
    And in my third year I did my professional development project as an Erasmus student,
    in the south of France, Albi.
    It's quite an amazing place to be honest.
    Basically I was working in pharmaceuticals, which of course, chemical engineers have
    the sort of skills that they actually want.
    I want to learn another language,
    I want to learn a second language.
    And then I realised that the only way I can be that fluent is to go to France,
    and then I was thinking why not go abroad for a year and study there.
    And then the support was there. My department helped me out to
    fill out the form, applying for an Erasmus grant.
    So they show you all what you have to do,
    so it's not something you're going to do by yourself.
    They help you out, from start to finish.
    I was working, don't get me wrong. I had work to do.
    But, it was so relaxing because
    after every day I had something to look forward to.
    And it was amazing.
    It was really good.
    And I would encourage anyone to do it.
    And I think the experience that anyone can get will be for life,
    because it's going to change the way you see things,
    the way you apply yourself with people,
    and even how you interact. It makes you understand people as well.
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