Kirsten Gillibrand Faces Rejection | BREAKING BIG | PBS

Kirsten Gillibrand Faces Rejection | BREAKING BIG | PBS
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    - I first tried to work
    at the U.S. attorney's office.
    I thought, I'm gonna be a do-good lawyer,
    maybe I could be a prosecutor.
    And so, I applied to the southern district,
    and the eastern district, did not get in.
    And then Hillary Clinton decides to run for senate
    and I thought this is my chance, I'm going to work
    on her campaign, I'll leave the law,
    I'll become a campaign person.
    Had no relevant experience, and so I didn't get that job.
    So I was really struggling.
    And I winded up going to an event that Andrew Cuomo
    was the speaker, and he gave a very long speech
    about why public service mattered, and I went up to him
    afterwards and said, "I think politics is an insider's game,
    and it's really hard to do public service
    and you can't just do public service."
    And Andrew, realizing that I was challenging him, said,
    "Well, will you move to Washington?
    I'll interview you and you can come work for me at HUD."
    And so, I interview, get the job.
    So, off I went to Washington, and I got to serve
    only seven months at the end of the Clinton administration,
    but it was really that shift that allowed me
    to then begin to think, "Should I run for office?"
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