KSI Logan Paul Rigging Accusations, John McCain's Last Words, & Let's Talk About Jacksonville

KSI Logan Paul Rigging Accusations, John McCain's Last Words, & Let's Talk About Jacksonville
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    'Sup, you beautiful bastard? Hope you're having a fantastic Monday.
    Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let's just jump into it!
    The first thing we're talking about today is massive entertainment news, massive piracy news, massive money news, and honestly
    I kind of just needed something light and stupid to start off today's show
    given where this is going to go today. And the kind of lighter and somewhat stupid news is after months of anticipation to see a really
    amazing fight and/or at least just see someone you kinda don't like get punched in the face and maybe bleed the KSI versus Logan
    Paul fight happened and there were several different big
    Controversies with what went down. One the KS and Logan paul fight ends it in a majority draw
    one won which led to a bunch of people one asking for their money back and two saying that it was all staged all
    Scripted that this was just a way to build up even more hype for another massive money-making event with a rematch
    Although I will note there that according to reports the contract already had that this was going to be two fights
    that's also something that Logan and ksi have spoken publicly about so there was controversy around that there was also
    Controversy around the decision itself with ksi and his supporters saying look like KS I won
    Logan and his team saying it looked like he won you also had people saying that I was making a mockery of the sport that
    This event shouldn't be happening in the first place
    Although you did have some
    professionals like boxer Anthony Corolla saying with the to deserve credit adding what they've created is unreal and to sell the Manchester arena how and
    The buys they're gonna get on YouTube is unreal absolute business might watch on that note of money and on that note of business
    I will say here one
    it looks like a
    Massive amount of money was made that arena is huge and according to reports tickets range between a hundred to six hundred dollars
    That's on top of the pay-per-view that was sold for ten dollars and at one point had over eight hundred
    thousand people watching on the YouTube stream
    There was also controversy around the number of people watching this stream because while the official stream had at one point had around eight hundred
    Thousand the number of people who watched illegally on Twitch surpassed 1 million reportedly one of the single largest
    Pirated streams that was on Twitch at the time at over four hundred thousand people watching
    Well, there were some people that were surprised by these numbers why I'm not saying that it is
    Okay, but this happens with most every large live streamed event and something that may have also fueled people watching the pirated stream
    There are reports of technical problems with the stream some saying that it cracked for them
    And obviously when you get technical difficulties, there's the question of okay
    Well, maybe it's their internet their computer. We here at the office we who made a stupid event of it
    Our internet is 500 up 500 down and even for us there were moments where it looked like it was being streamed through a potato
    luckily ours never fully crashed
    It went back to HD
    But it's not crazy to think that this happened for people and so they may have been seeking it out. And then of course
    Additionally people that we're not going to pay in the first place
    Wanted to see if the person they did not like a punch in the face really hard which of course then brings up the question
    Well, why didn't twitch remove that well?
    according to the verge twitch
    representative told them that it is against the rules for streamers to upload content that does not belong to them and that anyone who does
    So is potentially liable to DMCA takedown twitch adding we have been responsive to related reports
    And so it's kind of that argument that we've seen in the past. You know, we have a very large site
    We can't monitor everything a reporting system in place
    We try to best utilize it by a lot of people including Richard Lewis have shared this screenshot
    It appears that several members of twitch staff were actually watching a pirated stream
    And so if that's sure you have these twitch Amazon employees seeing this piece of I mean, it's really hard to argue
    They they could see it as anything other than pirated content right and couldn't they just make a decision there?
    It's incredibly unlikely that in the middle of a live pay-per-view event the people putting on that event went
    Hey, you know why?
    I was give a free license to stream this to just some random person on twitch real quick
    Actually, you know what like 50 people on twitch real quick at any point
    That's why there was a lot of criticism of twitch and also people happy
    They don't have to pay for the event and also started this debate of how much money was lost because this pirated stream was out
    There just an interesting question because I feel like a good number of the people that watch that probably had no
    Intention to actually pay but I do wonder how much it affected the pay-per-view is bottom line
    Not that a lot of people are gonna have a ton of sympathy for people that made
    Millions of dollars from a very weird event, but from the business side of it
    It's a very interesting question to me as far as my person will take away from the entire event
    I actually thought it was entertaining it was an incredibly weird four hours that involves some fights with people that had a height
    difference of like seven inches and weight
    Differences like 50 pounds. I incorrectly thought Jake Paul was gonna win his fight and one round instead
    We all got an image of a bloodied up Jake Paul as far as the final fight
    Even though it ends up in a draw it was entertaining
    It was disappointing at the end
    But the fight is a whole
    Fantastic like that last round where Logan Paul has like nothing left in the tank a sigh just keeps popping him in the face
    If that goes another 2 rounds ksi wins hands down
    What I'll say is whether you love or hate the people involve you love or hate it at the event even happened
    from a business standpoint
    It's important to acknowledge that what we saw here is the beginning of a new future for YouTube personalities granted
    I will not be one of them unless another youtuber would like to challenge me to a competitive sleeping
    Competition in which case? I am 100% game. But with that said I do want to pass a question off to you
    What are your thoughts around this entire situation whether it be from a business standpoint the personality standpoint?
    The piracy standpoint anything I'd love to know what your thoughts are in those comments down below
    Let's talk about Senator John McCain who died on Saturday at the age of 81
    And of course senators health have been a topic of conversation since he was diagnosed with aggressive glioblastoma
    You've been getting treatment, but then just this past Friday
    It was announced that he was
    Stopping treatment in a statement that I can family told the media in the years since John has surpassed expectations for his survival the progress
    Of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict with his usual strength of will he has now chosen to discontinue?
    medical treatment and following the news of McCain's death on Saturday
    We saw a lot of responses from the political world
    President Barack Obama issuing a joint statement with his wife saying few of us have been tested the way John once was are required to
    Show the kind of courage that he did but all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own
    John's best he showed us what that means for that
    We are all in his debt former President George W Bush issuing the statement
    John McCain was a man of deep
    Conviction a patriot of the highest order who's a public servant in the finest traditions of our country and to me he was a friend
    Whom I'll deeply miss what's really interesting about these men that gave these glowing responses
    These reactions is they they are both men that were competitors. They were opponents of John McCain
    They were both men who kept McCain from the White House. They are also reportedly the men that John McCain
    requested to eulogize him at his funeral which I think says a lot especially when paired with the news that
    According to reports McCain did not want Trump to go to his funeral
    It feels like this one final statement from McCain from beyond the grave actually on the note of the Trump
    Kame Feud there has been a lot of
    Criticism as far as how Trump has reacted to all of this over the weekend
    We saw Donald Trump tweet my deepest sympathy is in respect to go out to the family of Senator John McCain our hearts and prayers
    Are with you he also posted the same thing on Instagram with a picture of his quote along with a picture of himself
    And so there was some initial criticism of okay
    That seems like I noticeably brief
    Statements about a storied man and people saying why would you show a picture of yourself?
    rather than the person you're talking about then on top of that a news report came out that President Trump actually said no to an
    official White House statement that honored McCain's
    Legacy Washington Post writing press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders chief of staff John FK and other White House aides
    Advocated for an official statement that gave the decorated Vietnam War
    Powa audits for his military and Senate service and called him a hero then according to the report
    He said no to that and he instead preferred to do that tweet. Also, there's been a controversy around Flags in Washington, DC
    That's because this morning while the flags were at half-mast at the Capitol building and the nation's monuments one on top of the White House
    was at full mass and so do many of this was seen as an obvious statement because according to Fox News what you normally see
    Is when a senator dies the flags go to half-mast from the day that that person died to the day
    They are buried but I will say it is important to point out that US flag code says that flags go to half-mast the day
    The person dies and the day after additionally it was reported that today after Donald Trump made an announcement about a deal with Mexico
    He was asked if he could reflect on the legacy of John McCain according to that report
    He declined and instead sat silent and cross-armed as press pool was herded out of the Oval Office and actually with a story we got
    An update from Donald Trump and the White House following all of these
    Reactions Donald Trump released a statement saying despite our differences on policy and politics
    I respect Senator John McCain service to our country and in his honor
    Have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his internment
    So there was that update and actually rather than going into their past and the feud even more I would like to end this story
    Is to focus on just McCain that's because today we learned that John McCain actually left
    America a letter letter that was read aloud today by McCain's friend and former aide Rick Davis and I'll link to the full document down
    Below so you can read it
    but just I wanted to read a few pieces fellow Americans that
    Association has meant more to me than any other I lived and died a proud American er citizens of the world's greatest
    Republican nation of ideals not blood and soil we weaken our greatness
    We confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe
    We weaken it when we hide behind
    walls rather than tear them down when we doubt the power of our
    Ideals rather than trust them to be the great force for change
    They have always been we argue and compete and sometimes even vilify each other in a raucous public debate
    But we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement
    If only we remember that and give each other the benefit of the presumption that we all love our country
    We will get through these challenging times
    We will come through them stronger than before we always do and finally do not despair of our present difficulties
    But believe always in the promise and greatness of America because nothing is inevitable here Americans never quit. We never surrender
    We never hide from history. We make history and where I'll leave
    This story today is with McCain's own words on how he would like to be remembered. What do you want to be remembered for?
    He served his country
    That's what I'd like to see
    He served his country
    Hopefully with the word honorably on it
    That's all the last thing we're going to talk about today is what happened in Jacksonville over the weekend Sunday afternoon
    There was a shooting at Chicago pizza
    Which is a restaurant in the Jacksonville Landing marketplace and that restaurant also holds the good luck
    Have fun game bar where competitors were there over the weekend participating in a southern qualifier format in 19
    The tournaments were actually being live streamed
    On Twitch when the shooting took place and it's I'm not I'm not going to even play it the video and audio
    It's extremely graphic and disturbing and I'll link to it
    I don't want I want you to be able to make a choice if you have not seen it yet
    But to give you an idea just as the FaceCam is switching off
    You hear a gunshot rang out screams more gunshot to hear. Someone say, where'd he go? According to police?
    They received a 911 call at 1:34 p.m
    According to reports police arrived on the scene within just two minutes in the community was quickly warned to stay clear of the area on
    social media and in fact seven members of the Jacksonville fire station
    We're doing routine training in the parking garage across the street from the landing when people came running out according to Randy
    Why is the president of the Jacksonville?
    Association of firefighters one of the people that ran out pulled up their shirts showing where they had been shot in the chest and they
    Reportedly were followed by a second person with gunshot wound and his four firefighters
    Administered first aid three others ran toward the landing and flagged down a police officer began treating victims and found three dead bodies
    Two of which were victims one was the suspect of according to police took his own life
    authorities unsaid they performed a methodical search on scene finding several people hiding in locked the areas at the landing and eventually the area was
    Cleared and victims were transported for medical treatment
    And in addition to the two who were killed
    Eleven others were injured and of those injured nine were wounded from the shooting with the others hurt while fleeing the area the victims range
    in age from
    20 to 35 and several of them are still in the hospital and while as of Monday morning the police had not officially
    Released any names of the deceased or injured on social media you had members of the gaming community family members and friends
    Identifying with two that were killed and those two were allied true boy Clayton and Taylor's spot me, please
    Robertson according to Florida today the Medical Examiner's Office also confirmed that generating
    Autopsy reports on names that met and as far as the shooter he has been identified
    But of course it is a policy on this show to not show his name or his face
    Never want to add infamy to these
    Disgusting monsters who commit mass shooting even talk about the specifics of a story without making these assholes famous
    So on that note the attacker was identified as a 24 year old white male from Baltimore, Maryland
    according to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams
    The shooter was attending
    the Competition was armed with at least one handgun and though we know he was a competitor authorities say it's too early to determine his motive
    But on that note you already have some witnesses saying the shooter became very angry after losing a game though
    I will add the note here that has not been confirmed or corroborated by police yet. The
    Investigation into the shooter and his motive is still ongoing. It's included a search of his car
    His home is under belongings, but a note here
    Right as we were finishing today's show the AP came out and reported breaking court record man accused of killing a video game
    competition had been hospitalized for mental illness
    so that flushes out a little more of the background and following the shooting there have been a range of
    Reactions people pointing to this situation as a reason for more gun control
    It is yet another mass shooting not only in the United States but specifically
    Florida the 'post nightclub
    Stoneman Douglas know this you also have people pointing out that events like this or soft targets that they need more security during the GM
    Of United tweeting or security at eSports events
    Please players managers and owners all need separate entrances and exits from general admission and main entrances need heavy security adding
    I seriously am going to refuse to go to major eSports events unless I can watch my team backstage and not in the crowd
    I don't mean to spam about this but I actually freaked out about this and have high
    Anxiety at every event professional gamers sent Abner aka stumped tweeting
    I've been saying events need better security such a damn shame that now event coordinators will respond after a tragedy happens also had popular streamers
    Summit 1g tweeting security events needs to be taken ultra serious 90% of the events. I tend have little to none none. It's unacceptable
    I've also seen a tweaked version of video games cause violence
    Happening but this time because the game involved is not actually involved shooting there seems to be this argument that kids that play games end
    up being more pulled back from society where they'll just stay in a room by themselves and not associate with anyone else and that essentially
    Radicalizes them although if I can just throw in my opinion here
    I feel like once again those people are creating a scapegoat in this situation
    You can honestly argue the same thing about any other form of entertainment whether it be movies TV books
    music there are lots of different ways human beings pull back from
    Society and ultimately, that's where we are with the story. As of right now when more information comes out, I'll obviously update it
    I don't really know what to add to this story because I think like many other people I am exhausted
    But I also think it's important that we feel that horror that we acknowledge
    That that horrible feeling we have in our stomach when stories like this happened because it is incredibly easy
    For us to feel numb to it and I think when you don't feel something that is when it's a problem
    Rather than kind of entering the circular debate that we're going to see around mental health and guns
    What I will say is for the time being just to kind of double down and what several others have said if you are going
    To have some kind of large event. You need to really really invest in security. I'm in a very privileged position
    So no matter the venue or event whether they have security or not
    I always bring my own security with me even at our workplace. I've had to hire a head of security for reasons
    I really don't want to have to dive into it's unfortunate that that is our current reality
    But it needs to be built into the budget. I think this kind of general anxiety about the situation
    It's one of the reasons why I've been dragging my feet and reintroducing live events
    Oh, no, and since this news came out over the weekend
    I've just I've been very lost in my thoughts about it all. I don't know if it's fully coming across in video
    I'm just I'm very scattered on it. And so I actually I'll where I'll end today's show
    I want to pass this off to you. What are your thoughts on this situation whether it be in relation to?
    gun laws whether it be
    Security and events whether it be mental health whether it be video games, whatever
    You know what you're thinking and feeling in those comments down below and that's what we're going to end. Today's show
    And of course the goal with these videos is to also have a conversation
    About the news whether it be the last story the first one anything in between
    Let me know what you're thinking in those comments down below. This is a part of the video where I'd normally say like subscribe
    all that stuff, but
    But instead the note that I want to leave with you today is is unfortunately a note that I've had to say
    Numerous times over the course of this show and that is love
    oh you have while you have them because the world is an
    unforgiving scary place if there's someone in your life that you love or care about
    Maybe I haven't let them know and a little bit give them a call because there are people that are no longer on this planet
    That no longer have that ability today. And I mean that's the thing is that that happens every day
    Yeah, that's where I'm going to leave it today
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