Michelle Davis MD, OB/GYN - Gynecologic Oncologist MUSC Health

Michelle Davis MD, OB/GYN - Gynecologic Oncologist MUSC Health
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    I am one of the GYN oncologists at the Medical University
    of South Carolina.
    In that, we take care of women with GYN cancers,
    so ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer,
    vulvar cancer.
    One of the things that's really important to me
    is to practice evidence-based medicine to provide the best
    care to my patients.
    What that means is that my goal is
    to stay up to date on the most current literature that's
    available and to provide the most up to date treatments that
    are possible for our patients with these types of cancers.
    And I think that's really important to really tailor
    treatment so that we can take the best care of women who come
    and see us at MUSC.
    So I'm interested in all areas of GYN cancer,
    including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer,
    and uterine cancer.
    One of the other things I'm really interested in
    is the role of minimally invasive surgery
    in GYN cancers.
    While it's not the right choice for every patient,
    for certain patients, it really provides an opportunity
    to decrease the recovery, improve surgical outcomes,
    and decrease some of those adverse effects you
    can see with some of the radical surgery.
    And so when there is a role and when
    it's an appropriate thing for my patients,
    it's something that I like to offer,
    which can be done either with a straight-stick laparoscopy
    or with robotic surgery.
    I think MUSC provides something really unique for patients,
    for women in particular, who are being treated for cancer care.
    At MUSC, we have three GYN oncologists
    right now who take care of women through all phases
    of their cancer treatment, so when they're initially
    diagnosed or if they're not sure if they have cancer
    at that point, during their surgery,
    and through their chemotherapy afterwards.
    There are only two female GYN oncologists
    currently in the state, and both of us do practice here at MUSC.
    We also have a really great multidisciplinary team
    that allows women to have access to all of their care needs
    during their cancer treatment.
    So we have a wonderful radiation oncologist
    who we work very closely with, and he will actually
    see you in clinic with us to make your patient visits
    a little bit easier.
    We also have expert pathologists,
    and we have research on site, with our hope
    of providing up-to-date clinical trials and really
    the best tailored care for you.
    And that teamwork, I think, is something
    that's really special at MUSC, and we
    try to really focus that all around our patients' care.
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